Soul of Guardian Winning Top Equipment Guide

Soul of Guardian Winning Top Equipment Guide

How to win top equipments in SoG

If you want to be the invincible conqueror in Soul of Guardian, it’s of no doubt that you need to equip yourself with the best suit. Regarding how to get it, some players will say the best equipment is just for VIP players.But in Soul of Guardian, it’s not of this case.Its equipment system has also taken non-VIP players into consideration. As long as you want equipments, the excellent purple items always stay available. How to earn top equipments in Soul of Guardian? In fact, it’s rather simple to get them in Soul of Guardian. Here are five important ways:

Spar Exchange
You can use spar to exchange for Lv30-50 Epic armor and accessories from the Battlesoul City – Amy (spar exchangers).Spars can be obtained from main quests of various grades. Also, you have the opportunity to get a lot of spar (after reaching Lv35) in Crystal Valley.

Honor Exchange
Level 50 Players can join Battlesoul Isle Arena from 19:25 to 19:55 every day. After killing other players, you can obtain corresponding honor. And you can use those honor to exchange for Lv 60 Epic weapons and accessories or Lv 30-60 Epic Amor at NPC Carl in Battlesoul City.

Fishing Exchange
Players can go to the Fishing Pond through Fisherman NPC in Battlesoul City and VIP can access to Fishing Island. All you have to do is buy a fishing rod and enjoy. Fish you hooked can be used to exchange for Lv 30-60 various equipments at NPC fishwoman in Battlesoul City. At the same time, baby fish can be exchanged for items in the Mall as well. I can assure you there is very good chance to get perfect Epic Suit.

Players can obtain equipments by defeating wild Bosses (four types).

By complete Guild quests, worshiping Holy Beast and donating silver, you get Guild DKP. Use them to exchange for Epic weapons for all classes and levels.

In Soul of Guardian, players have so many ways to earn best equipments. So be active every day and the Epic set will come to you!

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