Soul of Guardian Pet System Guide

Soul of Guardian Pet System Guide

Pet is a powerful partner you can’t play without in WSGAME’S Soul of Guardian, players own all kinds of different Pet in the game.

Pet can be bought from stores and also available via “Pet buy”
The color of the Pet can be divided into: Common(Grade 20), Uncommon(Grade40), Rare(Grade 60), Epic(Grade 80).
Only the Uncommon pet or up can evolve.

1. Foster
You can cultivate the Pet by clicking “Foster” in the Pet interface. The higher the growth of the pet, the more attribute increase will be gained.
Pet foster consume Potential Orb

2. Feed
Pet can’t play when its happiness is 0. You need to feed your pet.

3. Accelerate
The level of Pet is related to time, click “accelerate” to make a quick upgrade.

4. Evolution
A Pet can evolve if growth and quality reach lv 41 or up. And the level of the Pet islv.1 after evolution.

Pet Evolution consume Potential Orb

5. Enhancement
The higher the quality, the better effect of attribute of the Pet transfer to player. Enhancement needs Quality Upgrade Orb. Lucky Rune can increase the success rate of quality improvement, Protective Orb can be used to avoid quality reduction when upgrade fails.

6. Inherit
Players can combine any two Pets by using the Pet inheritance. The Main Pet maintains its avatar, max, class, and grade and inherit the Side Beast’s Level and growth. After the inheritance, max class and grade of the two will be kept. Players can inherit to get favorite Pet’s avatar, and a better quality Pet.

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