Soul of Guardian FAQ

Soul of Guardian FAQ

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Basic Operation:

Q: I can’t log into the game (black screen, loading and blank screen), what shall I do?
A: Please check your internet connection. If your connection is working fine, please try the following to resolve:
Black Screen, Loading:
a. Restart the router (or disconnect the network)
b. Clear your browser caches (Internet Options → Delete files, Empty the Temporary Files, Delete COOKIES) → Restart the browser
c. Try another browser (recommended: Google Chrome, Firefox browser)
Blank Screen:
Download and install the latest version of FLASH plug-in, and then log into the game.

Q: How to play the game?
A: After a newbie log in the game, he can click the Quest and follow them to upgrade according to the guides and instructions. Or you can visit the official website to find relevant information and can familiarize yourself with most of the basic operations and interface.

Q: how to save the game?
A: Click your browser’s Favorites options to save the web and close the page to exit the game. Next time you open the Favorites URL and login with your account and password to continue playing.

Q: How do I go to other scene’s map or city?
A: Find the light flashing point in the game scene and click to enter next scene. Or click on the upper right corner of the “M” to open the regional map to select a place, the character can automatically find its way to enter the place.

Game Coins

Q: How many kinds of coins does this game have?
A: The game has four currencies: Gold, Bound Gold, Silver and Bound Silver. Among them, Gold and Silver can be used to trade. However, Bound Gold and Bound Silver are unable to exchange.

Q: how to top up?
A: Click at the upper-left corner of game interface to open the top-up center’s website, select your top-up method and complete it according to the instructions.

Q: How much is the top-up ratio?
A: Generally, the top-up ratio is 1:10. However, this ratio may change due to the top-up method, so it relays on the top-up method you select.

Q: How much is the exchange ratio between Gold and Silver?
A: There is no fixed exchange ratio between gold and silver. And the specific ratio depends on not only the game market, the game development, but also the party transactions.

Whisper & Friends

Q: How to hide the whisper content?
A: Click on the Hide button at the lower left corner of the whisper window to hide or to open Chat Record.

Q: How to whisper to others?
A: 1, Click a friend, select Add below the friend’s avatar to be friends.
2, Click a player’s name in the Message window, select Add in the pop-up box to add friends.

Q: How do I delete a friend?
A: Open the Friends panel, then left click a friend, click Delete in the Friends panel to remove him/her.


Q:  What’s the top level and how to upgrade?
A: 1. The top level for a character is 100.
2. You can enhance the level of the character by completing quests, exploring dungeons, kill monsters, and fishing.

Q: How to change the character name?
A: The character name is not allowed to change, so pick a good one at the beginning.

Q: How to use the title
A: Open the character panel, select an available title and click Add to use it.

Q: What’s the Battlesoul?
A: The role can train his body by consuming BattleSoul to increase any attribute, such as HP and Defense Power.

Q: Can I train any part of the body as I want?
A: No you may not. You need to conduct the training in order.

Q: What are the parts of bodybuilding?
A: The parts are chest( for HP), abdomen (for BattleSoul), back(for Defense), waist (for Dodge), wrist (for Accuracy), eye (for Crit), backbone (for Tenacity) and shin (for Attack).

Q: How to view character’s information
A: Click the Character menu at the lower right corner of the screen to view detailed information.

Q: How to view the information of other players
A: a Click a player, select View below the player’s avatar to view.
b Click a player’s name in the Message window, select View in the pop-up to the drop-down box to view

Q: How to hide other players
A: Click the helmet-like button at the upper right corner of the game to hide other players.

Equipment Items

Q: How to get equipment items
A: You can earn equipment items from quest rewards, spar exchange, credit exchange, fishing and dragonslay. Additionally, you can buy equipments from other players.

Q: How to wear the equipment?
A: Double-click the equipment available for current level in Backpack to wear.

Q: How to repair equipment
A: Methods 1: Go to Battlesoul City, find a NPC store, click Repair. Also you can choose to repair one item or repair all. 2: Select Auto-repair equipment in the Auto-attack interface.

Q: What’s the maximum of Gem Socket holes for different equipments?
A: The Common equipment has one hole, Uncommon equipment has 2, Rare equipment has 3, Epic equipment has 4, and Legend equipment has 5.

Q: Which level can equipment upgrade?
A: Level 15

Q: Which level can exchange spar for equipment and where to exchange?
A: Level 35. You can use spars to exchange for Epic equipment for level 30, level 40, and level 50 at NPC Amy in Soul City.

Q: How to exchange a weapon?
A: You can use credits to exchange weapon at NPC Carl in Soul City.

Q: At which level can I exchange Honor for equipment and how to earn Honor?
A: Level 40. You can earn them by participating activities in Battlesoul City.

Q: How to organize Backpack?
A: Click the Sort button at the lower right corner of the Backpack interface to organize the items quickly. As for the same items, you can pull them to the same box, and then click the Sort button.

Q: how to expand the Backpack?
A: You can buy a backpack boxes in the item mall to expand it. Or click an inactivated box, and the purchase window will pop up.

Q: How to do transaction?
A: Click a player, select Trade below his avatar, then the Trade window will pop up; drag an item with left button to the Trade window, type the amount of money and click the Lock button. After the player locks his/her item (The Trade window appears a lock sign), click Trade to complete.

Q: How to make auction?
A: Click the hammer-like button at the upper-right corner, select Sell Items or Sell Money. The auction system will charge a fee according to the auction amount and the auction time.

[SoulBeast & Mount]

Q: What’s the maximum number of SoulBeasts a role can have?
A: A role can have up to 10 SoulBeasts, but only one SoulBeast can join battle each time.

Q: how to obtain a SoulBeast?
A: There areseveral ways to get a SoulBeast:
a. Gifted by system at reaching level 15.
b. Buy from Item Mall.

Q: How to foster a SoulBeast?
A: Open the SoulBeast interface, select Foster and you can use Potential Card to foster.

Q: How to combine a SoulBeast?
A: Click the human-like icon next to the Soulbeast avatar to combine. After the combination, the roles can get higher attributes.

Q: How to upgrade aSoulbeast quickly?
A: a, Select a Soulbeast to join battle
b, Train a Soulbeast

Q: how to get a Mount? How many can I equip one?
A: You will be rewarded with a Mount after completing quest from level 9. And you can buy some mounts from the mall. Each role can be equipped with three mounts.

Q: What is the use of mount?
A: It can improve your speed.

Q: Can I trade the mount?
A: You can trade the un bound ones.

Upgrade Quest

Q : How to upgrade quickly for a newbie?
A: a, Follow the quest track window at the right of the game or click the Quest button to display the window, and complete the main quests or side     quests of current level.
b, With the current level and equipment, go to different instances to gain more experience.

Q: How many types of quests are there?
A: The quests are divided into five types: main quest, branch quest, repeated quest, cycle quest and guild quest.

Q: How to view the quest?
A: Click the quest at the bottom of the game interface, and you can see Current and Available.
Current: These quests are claimed but not completed yet.
Available: These quests are available for players to claim.

Q: What does the symbol above NPC mean?
A: The exclamation point means you can accept quests.
The gray question mark means you have accepted quest but not completed yet;
The glowing question mark indicates that the quest has been completed and you can submit it.

Games Dungeons

Q: How many kinds of dungeons are there in this game? Are there access restrictions?
A: The game has 5 instances in total.Level 35 players can access to Predatory Abyss and Crystal Valley twice every day. Level 40 players can access to Treasure Island three times every day, and to Altar Instance twice every day. And you can click the Event button at the upper right corner to view details.

Q: How to access to a dungeon?
A: You can access to the single dungeon directly by clicking the NPCs. As for others, players can choose whether to enter the instance after the team leader does.

Q: What can you earn from dungeons?
A: You can earn a lot of experience, silver, Battlesoul and spar.

Different Levels
Level 11, you can obtain the first mount
Level 15, you can receive the first Soulbeast
Level 15, you can participate in quizzes
Level 20, you can create or join a Guild
Level 30, you can conduct body training
Level 30, you can participate in the Lucky activities
Level 30, you can accept cycle quest at NPC Wall every day
Level 35, you can access to Predatory Abyss
Level 35, you can access to Crystal Valley
Level 35, you can use the spar to exchange equipment
Level 40, you can access to Cavern of Fear
Level 40, you can access to Treasure Island
Level 40, you can access to Altar Instance
Level 40, you can access to Fishing
Level 40, you can accept cycle quests from Soulbeast every day.
Level 50, you access to Soul City War.

Games Activities

Q: Which level can I take Soul City War and when the war starts?
A: Level 50. Daily 19:25 pm to 19:55 pm

Q: Which level can I go fishing and when it starts?
A: Level 40. All day open.

Q: How to go to fishing pool?
A: The NPC fisherman at Battlesoul City

Q: I can’t go to the Fishing Island, why?
A: Only VIP can go to the Fishing Islands

Q: What are types of fishing rod? How many times can they use respectively?
A: Wooden Fishing Rod -150 sliver- 60 times
Refined Iron Fishing Rod -300 silver – 120 times
Red Sandalwood Fishing Rod -500 silver – 270 times
Star of the Ocean Wind -90 gold – 360 times
Sea Emperor -130 gold – 540 times

Other Questions

Q: How to get achievements?
A: After completing the game quests, you can get corresponding achievements.

Q: How to get a reward?
A: Click Claim above skills bar and you can obtain corresponding gift.

Q: How to claim the newbie card?
A: Open the Event at the upper right corner, and click the Newbie Card button to get it.

Q: How to get the rewards for first top-up and how to claim it?
A: Players can get the first red packs. Open Event at the upper right corner, and click Claim to get it.

Q: How to become a VIP?
A: You can obtain VIP level 1 title after topping up 100 gold.

Q: Which level can I conduct the body training?
A: Level 30.

Q: How to conduct Dual Training?
A: Click the Training button at top left corner to conduct training, click the Dual Training button to invite nearby players, and you can the Dual Training after other players’ accept your invitation.

Q: How to choose the default skills?
A: Open the skills box next to the Training, select a skill and it will be used automatically.

Q: How to use the Dragonslay?
A: Click the Dragonslay button at the bottom right corner to use it, but it needs gold to be activated.

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