SMITE Useful Tips

SMITE Useful Tips by GeminiRage

I’ve been in the beta for quite some time, and aftera good amount of both wins and losses, in addition to reading up a few things, I’ve come to notice a lot of things that I consider to be important to understand.

1: Get abilities!
This might sound like a no-brainer to some of the better players out here, but something I’ve noticed in the numerous random matches I’ve played is that people do not buy abilities.  As in, they will go the whole game without buying even one at the base!  They only cost 500 gold, which is less than many Tier 1 equips, and their effects can often outweigh the benefits of a Tier 1 equipment.  Having Purification Beads could be just what you need to overcome onslaughts of crowd control and get out of bad situations alive.  Creeping Curse can help you secure those kills once your target goes on the retreat.  Hand of the Gods is a must for jungling, and it’s even useful for pushing lanes if your god lacks a good wave-clearing skill.

2: “Pure Jungling” is a myth
If there’s one thing I’ve learned not just from experienced players but through playing the Jungler role myself, it’s that jungling is really more of a practice of “pseudo-jungling”, where you simply go in, pick up the buffs you need (usually blue and green to start), then find opportunities to gank.  The reasons why pure jungling doesn’t work too well is simply because it’s too slow early on, camps take a while to respawn, and you will eventually fall behind everyone else while you roam about.  You need to gank often to potentially grab kills and experience, and you need to get farm whenever you can’t find ganks to keep up with your enemies.

3: Make your movements difficult to read
Basic ranged attacks, in addition to many skills, fire in a straight line. I know it may sound obvious that you should be moving around a lot during the lane phase to avoid pokes, but several players forget this when it comes to retreat.  If you just run in a straight line, you aren’t doing anything to reduce the amount of arrows Artemis shoots into your back or worse, getting grabbed by Arachne’s ultimate!  Try to move to the sides a bit here and there to throw off their aim, and if you’ve got any abilities or skills to move your faster, use them!

4: The goal of laning is removing your enemy
Unlike several other MOBAs out there, laning is SMITE is more passive since you get gold and experience simply from being near the minions when they die.  As such, there isn’t a huge emphasis on last-hitting, although it does get you 25% more gold/EXP and lets you build up stacks on items like Devourers Gauntlets.
What are you supposed to do in laning is to try and drive the enemy out so they will miss out on experience and gold.  There are a lot of ways to go about this, depending on your lane composition; some can be agressive and constantly harass the enemy with pokes until they’re weak enough to assassinate, while others may have to rely on tower-hugging and ganks to remove their enemie.  Speaking of ganks…

5: Lend a gank whenever you can afford to
This mainly applies to the midlaner.  If your lane is extended or your enemy is absent from the lane, check how your allies are doing.  If any of them have been pushed back, this is a perfect opportunity for you to gank the side lanes.  Some will say you should stay in mid to get more farm and potentially take down a tower, but understand that as the solo mid, you will be ahead of your allies and enemies in levels; this means you should already be stronger.  If you can catch your enemies unaware while they are pushing, that’s usually two kills for your team right there, which is far more rewarding than some extra farm, plus you may even be able to down one of the side towers in the process!

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