SMITE Sun Wukong Guide

SMITE Sun Wukong Guide by DJpasha

Hi everybody,
this is my first moba guide and now have fun…

I play Sun Wukong as a CSC-based hero and so he hasn’t much protection, because
i want to use all the potential of his ganking qualities.

i will use these to make the guide shorter

PP – Physical Power,
AS – Attack Speed,
CSC – Critical Strike Chance,
CSD – Critical Strike Damage,
MS – Movement Speed,
PLS – Physical Life Steal
PPP – Physical Protection Penetration

Pros / Cons

great damage
high mobility
great ganking potential

mana trouble
focusing in late game

Skill Explanations
this is the order in which you max your skills

1: Overhead Smash
The reason to get this skill first over Furious Monkey or Somersault is that it costs less than the others…so you can spam it more often to get the kill. In the most cases you are already Level 2 if you must escape.

2: Somersault The escaping and chasing tool of Sun Wukong and its dealing damage too!!!

3: Overhead Smash Your main spell, so it haves the major priority.

4: Furious Monkey This spells mana hungry as ****…it only good to harass enemies and to farm creep waves later.

5: Year Of The Monkey This is one of the best ultimates in game. It haves a mass disable (FEAR), deals damage and can be used as escape skill.

Item Explanations

You start with:

Warrior Tabi – Level 1 – 2
Healing Potion x 2
Mana Potion x 1

This start is normal for the most of you, because you get movement and sustain from the potions.
I addition you get AD, AS and CsC from Warrior Tabi, it’s perfect for Monkey Buisness…

If yor are jungling you buy:

Warrior Tabi – Level 1
Hand Of The Gods
Healing Potion x 3

The first items are Frostbound Hammer and Devourer’s Gloves for sustain and POWER!!!

Frostbound Hammer – Level 1 – 3
It gives you PP, more life and a enemy slow buff for better chasing.

Devourer’s Gloves – Level 1 – 3 It gives you PP, PLS and stacks for killing creeps and heroes. Especially for Jungle Wukong a-must-have…

The next step is to finish your Warrior Tabi , then you buy Heartseeker and The Executioner …

Heartseeker – Level 1 – 3 You will get more PP and MS. Alternative: Titan’s Bane for people who don’t like resetable stack items…

The Executioner – Level 1 – 3 A great item. PP, AS and a stacking PPP. 2 Words: Over Powered


Deathbringer – Level 1 – 3 Your death scythe… AD, CSC and CSD . This is the key of the build.

i hope you like my guide, please feel free to leave a post below.

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