SMITE Ra Guide

SMITE Ra Guide by Arseface

It’s really hard to write a proper Ra guide as so much changes from game to game, but somebody asked for it.

Early Game Options:

1)Heartseeker+Health Pot

This is if you’re confident in your ability to kill your opponent. You need to be able to time your assault after they’ve blown a nuke and know when to pop your potion.

With this build you will spam your abilities almost as vigorously as I spammed my seed into your mother last night. First you upgrade your 3rd, then your 2nd, then your 1st. It’s important to have all of your abilities no matter which is the most useful. Casting all of them is your get out of jail free card.

When you run out of mana just head back to spawn. You need that heartseeker finished ASAP. You can stop spamming at this point you pervert.

Focus on upgrading your 3rd ability. It buffs you whilst you’re inside it, debuffs the enemy, heals you, hurts them, and buffs your speed when you cast it. It’s just the all around best ability you have.

Midas Boots+Mana Pot

This is if you’re either too cautious for your own good or if you’re soloing a side lane instead of mid.

Hold back and build last hits. Use your heal on your creep waves so that they can’t push you too far and make sure you’re attacking from behind your archers. Unlike with the other build the goal here is to hold out as long as possible and not push like mad from the getgo.

First you upgrade your 3rd, then your 2nd, then your 1st. It’s important to have all of your abilities no matter which is the most useful. Casting all of them is your get out of jail free card. Focus the third for subsequent upgrades.

When the time comes you’ll need to head back, start on your Heartseeker if at mid and Beads/Meditation if solo side.

Your second item pick.

Heartseeker if you don’t have it yet for some reason. Speed and hitting power are needed and you can build stacks easy in the event that you die.

The Boots of Running Really Fast

need to be picked up once the ganks start going(unless you’ve got midas). You only need to get them to level 2 as that keeps you in line with all the other boots. The third level is nice, but not necessary.


is if you want survivability earlier on. I usually pick Thebes as my second item when I’m midding.

Devourer’s Gloves

is for if you’ve been fed. If you’ve been fed and are confident in your carry ability choose it. Essentially what it does is make you able to solo the giant/fury early on. Between ganks after it’s been stacked you should be able to take them by yourself and really give your team the leg up.

Soul Eater

if you are having trouble solo side. It helps sustain a lane tremendously.

The laterish game

When your team is grouping up for a fight abandon them and push a lane that needs it. No matter how you build you won’t help very much. Your nukes are weak even if you build magic damage, your slow requires that you dive in too early to be of use, auras help less than you think and the physical build relies on the closed quarters of the jungle to land kills.

Push the hell out of the abandoned lanes and grant your team money and towers. When the fight is ready to end fall back and pick off the remnants of the enemy team. You do this by slowing an enemy, standing in their way, dropping a heal/hurt in their path and beating the crap out of them with your attacks.

Anybody that flees into the jungle will meet you and die. If they flee along the lane they have a chance, but still a slim one.

If for some reason you get ganged up on cast all your spells and pop a prayer beads. You’ll get away so long as you don’t look back.

Late game items are

Breastplate of Valor.

If you haven’t built a tanky item yet take this one.

Frostbound Hammer.

If your slow isn’t slowing enough take this. Don’t take it too early as it slows your damage building a bit much, but it can help take down stragglers.

Deathbringer if you’ve already gotten a Devourers and just want to roll them harder.

Titans Bane/Executioner.

If every single person on the other team builds armor you penetrate it. Otherwise just ignore it.

Golden Bow

An odd choice for a ranged person I know, but it gives you movement speed and crit chance. Works great with Devourers/Deathbringer.

Ability items

Prayer Beads

A must have. Without a leap it’s your only way out of cruddy situations.


If you find yourself running out of mana too often. Take this if you don’t generally have dibs on the mana buff.

Aegis of Awesomness

If you find yourself in team fights too often this can be a godsend. Let arachne/sobek pull you if they’re there. Otherwise just run up behind them. Make sure they see you before you use it. Anybody can tank this way, but sometimes your team doesn’t know how to tank and you have to improvise.

The Team Speed Buff

You can tell how often I take it. It’s actually really nice in conjunction with your slow to save the afts of team mates. Your escape is assured by your passive, this is mostly so that you don’t feel guilty while fleeing way faster than they do.

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