SMITE Hades Guide

SMITE Hades Guide by venom801

My name is Venom801 and since I have started playing Smite my main has been Hades. This guide is my personal opinion on how to best play Hades, if you have comments or suggestions feel free to post!


Passive: Hades auto-attacks apply a debuff called blight. The debuff lasts for 5 seconds and can be reapplyed.

Explanation: This is what makes you a good or bad Hades player, knowing what your abilities do when the opponent is blighted is key to doing well with him.

1.Death From Below: Hades descends into the ground and erupts from below the chosen location, doing 30/50/70/90/110 (+70% of your magical power). If blighted the enemys hit are slowed by 25/30/35/40/45% for two seconds. Will apply blight. Cost: 55/60/65/70/75 mana Cooldown: 12 seconds

Explanation: While it is mostly used as a gap closer, it is a good source of early game damage and the slow can be very valuable. Also, this move can go through almost every wall in smite which makes it ridiculously useful around the jungle for escaping or catching enemys offguard.

2.Shroud of Darkness: Hades silences all enemies in a cone in front of him for 1/1.25/1.5/1.75/2 seconds. If blighted enemys are also feared. Consumes Blight Cost: 80 mana Cooldown: 15/14/13/12/11 seconds.

Explanation: This is by far Hades weakest skill, while the silence and fear are nice, only 1 point is really required to make it useful. I highly recommend maxing this skill last.

3.Devour Souls: Hades devours the souls of his enemies in a radius around him doing 50/75/100/125/150 damage (+ 60% of your magical power). If blighted, the enemy explodes doing up to 20 damage to nearby enemies and heals allies within 20 ft for 30/40/50/60/70 hp. Consumes Blight. Cost: 65/75/85/95/105 mana Cooldown: 15/14/13/12/11 seconds.

Explanation: This is a support/damage skill for Hades. Being Aoe in both its damage and healing it is a good ability for teamfights but later in the game it falls off in its importance.

4. Pillar of Agony: Hades calls to all enemy souls near him, pulling them towards him, doing 50/65/80/95/110 damage(+35% of your magical power) every .5s for 4s, additionally gaining 40/50/60/70/80 protection to all incoming damage. If blighted enemys protection is reduced by 10/15/20/25/30. Consumes blight. Cost: 100 mana Cooldown: 90s

Explanation: This is what you pick Hades for. This move locks down all in enemys in a large radius while simultaneusly doing damage, giving you protection, and reducing enemies protection. Yeah, this thing wins teamfights. The biggest problem is if enemys get purification beads or have escape abilities. You should avoid ulting these gods unless you have other teamates to help lock them in.

Skill Order: Take Death from below at level 1, maxing either that or Devour souls first (slow vs. heal). Then, max out whichever of the two you didnt max first. Take a point in your ultimate whenever possible, and only put one point in shroud of darkness until you have nothing left to max.

General Combo: Use your auto attack to blight the enemy, then use your first ablity to jump in and slow them. Use your 3 ability to do some damage, and if its necessary for a kill feel free to use your 4 ability to lock them down for the kill.


Your best place to play as hades is in either top or bottom lane with a partner. If there is a solo lane, hades can do it just fine due to his range and escape ability, but he does need as much gold and exp to be effective late game. So, you should leave the solo lanes to gods who do better with more exp and gold. In lane you generally want to be pretty passive with hades only trying to last hit and keep the minions from you tower. You can only really harass if the enemy is melee or gets to close with you 1 and 3 abilitys as well as auto attacks. DO NOT use ability 1 to jump on you opponents unless they are low or out of position, otherwise your taking more damage from the creeps then you are actually dealing. Once, you hit lvl 5 and get your ultimate you should be looking to jump on an enemy with a teammate. Look to jump on somebody without an escape ability and then use your 1 ability to jump in, then press three to do some damage, finally press 4 to use your ult and you prob have killed them. If you need to chase remember that you have a fear on your second ability if they are blighted. Once you reach about level 10 you should be looking to teamfight whenever you have your ult up. That is Hades biggest strength and if you don’t use it, he doesn’t bring that much else to the team. Once you get to around levels 15-20 you should pretty much be sticking with your team and waiting for the chance to ult in. Honestly, thats about all there is to it with Hades, any other tips and tricks you’ll have to figure out on your own .


Level 1 items: Reinforced boots rank 2 as well as 3 health pots. Gives you all the sustain you could need in lane as well as some early tankiness. On your first back uprgrade your boots to rank 3.

Core Items: Gem of Isolation and Hide of Leviathan. The gem gives you a boost to your magic power and health, but the main reason if feel its a core item is the 35% slow it gives to all your abilities. This makes you SO much more useful when chasing enemies as well as in teamfights making your ult even harder to escape from. As for the the Hide, well it gives you the health and protection you need to be your teams tank in team fights. As far as which item to take first, If your having trouble keeping your health up take Hide, if your not having trouble surviving early feel free to take the game first.

Late-game items: This depends a lot on how you are doing and who is doing well on the enemy team. If your enemy team has a lot of magic damage then items like Void Stone or Magi’s Blessing. If your worried about physical damage then go Hide of the Nemean Lion, Mystical Mark, or Sovereignty (depending on which passive you want). If you are crushing them and just want to do more damage and aren’t worried about dieing go for a Void Stone or a Rod of Tahuti. I wouldnt really recommend this unless you are way ahead, but it can be fun to mess around with.

Final Thoughts

– DO NOT attack enemys early game while there are minions around them.

– Your ult does no good if you never use it, don’t be afraid to throw it down, at the same time if their is a big team fight coming, save it.

-Don’t ult onto enemies with escapes such as bastet, odin, hades, wukong since they can just jump out of your ult. Also if they are buying purification bead be aware of that as you will need your teams help to keep them in your ult.

– While you are extremely slow at it, dont be afraid to grab jungle buffs if your lane is pushed.

– Other AOE ults such as Odins, Zeus, Ra, Agni, etc stack really well with yours, if you time it right your enemys will melt before they know what even happened.

-Grab health or mana potions so you can stay in lane longer.

-Be aware of active such as purication beads or creeping curse, while i wouldnt recommend them when you first start playing they can be extremely useful later.

-Feel free to give your opinions on my guide, im open to constructive criticism, just please dont rage at me for no reason

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