SmashMuck Champions Newbie Tips

SmashMuck Champions Newbie Tips by qudoz

Heya Coaches,

I’ve been noticing that the players in the lobby has drastically increased from time to time and that the rank pages have gone up now, meaning more and more players!

This is good for CBT phase, hopefully ya’ll stay till OBT.

But with that in mind, more players = more newbies.

So to help you out, here are some simple tips you guys might want to take note of.

***Veterans, you probably don’t need this or you know it already. So feel free to correct me and add more useful stuff!

Character Selection

Like all MOBA you get that feeling of you want to use this certain character and LOVE HIM/HER.
The game has already sorted the roles on which you can play on depending your taste. OFFENSE/DEFENSE/SUPPORT
For newbies, you probably already have bought a char using your free smashbucks. So I suggest you stick to that. But for those who would like my “opinion” here are some heroes for newbies!


Oddilus – top pick nowadays and most veterans have this for their main. Reason is pretty obvious once you get to know the game. This champ can jump on/over walls and obstacles, has a DoT skill AoE, and buff that causes DPS attackers to take dmg. Passive includes boosting MS once a spell is cast (does not stack) and 10% extra damage for every Hexed (slowed,stunned) char. Great choice for starters!

Z-314 – your basic DPS champ. 1st skill that has AoE damage, 2nd skill that allows you to pass through enemies and ignore speed penalties, and 3rd skill that is kinda like your ranged skill causing disrupt.(enemies cannot cast)Z can go toe – toe with any character assuming you are also up against a fellow newbie. If you are playing plunderball, this char’s main role is to hunt the other team’s ball carrier. You have all the skills that will help you accomplish that.


Ninjette – WHY!!! this Ninja is so cool! Yes SHE is but how cool is losing? Or being useless because you die quicker than most champs. She does pack a punch for those who can use her effectively but for a newbie you have a lot to learn before you can really use her effectively. Stealth mode is not effective if you have the ball or if you cast it being chased/damaged OT. Grapple will cause you to pause for 1 sec and the stun you make is not as effective as Kilowatt’s. BF is good but needs alot of practice to effectively hit. If you really want to use her I suggest you practice ALOT. NOT IN PVP for Everyone’s sake because you will just be a burden.

Zert – this cute little eyeball is good for chasing and carrying plunder/crystal. But since he is so squishy, 80% of the time you will spend respawning (expected since you are new). 3rd skill pushes off enemies but is tricky to master. Blazebolt is your primary offense but going toe – toe with another offense = you DEAD. If you will notice there are only a few Zert Players around, because this char is hard to master. But don’t dismay, you might just be that player that can show the field Zert is a good choice. Just don’t do it in your 1st game.


Brutus – has a slow skill that allows you to tear enemies while you have the rage skill on (50% AS) and a skill that makes enemies weak who dare goes 1v1 on you. Not as mobile as oddi, but he can pretty much take care of himself.


Scathe – a sturdy but super slow character. Half of the time you will be ignored since you are a tank. That’s good right? But if you don’t expose that opportunity your team is pretty much playing 2v3, or 4v5 without you! Your skills include an AoE tail slap that causes disrupt, a flame breath that leaves a trail causing DOT and a 3rd skill which cause you to take flight and drag enemies around you. Take time to practice this char if you really want to. Especially the 3rd skill in which you can drag enemies to the pit. But just for starters, i recommend you skip for Scathe until you really know the game.


Scuttlemuck – your dirty pirate can’t be knocked down! 1st skill allows you to gain 20health per attack on those champ affected with the skill, a push + knockdown skill, and a self – heal + to allies. As a newbie you have all these skills to keep you alive if for some reason you got yourself on a tough spot. But remember, this is not your ordinary MOBA KILL ALL IN SIGHT! You have certain objectives which you can read/learn more in the tutorials or Jordan’s thread A Noob’s Guide. For stater’s Scuttlemuck is a GO GO!


Melody – Believe it or not she is really the most OP support imo but why not choose her?? Her heal skill wicked but hard to aim. 2nd skill is AoE damage(but that’s not what you should be focusing on) and 3rd Skill is an AOE Boost for MS and AS. Every skill you cast will heal you and your allies within range by 40 and your basic attacks are splash damage. Again why not choose her?? Because your team will RELY on you and if you can’t use her effectively despite her skills your pretty much done for. You also can’t go alone with her (very useless solo char) and you need to know who to baby sit (in which you don’t have the skill level for yet). So imo, simply not for starters.

Rook – super squishy character but one of the most mobile. Is he really defense? The thing is Smashmuck Champions has placed each character roles based on ROLES not their STATISTICS. Meaning defense does not equate to “Tank”. Rook skills contains a wall that can block units, teleport for mobility and two magic missle f damage output. Rook is a strategist, so I bet the devs opted to put him in defense rather than support (since he doesn’t have any skill that can really help allies survive). Not for starters!
Why? Wall FAILS alot and that is equal to LOSING alot especially in critical matches. Noob use for teleport = you dying after 4 secs or less (so squishy) and magic missile is not really your main skill. You want kills go for offense. Hope I made perfect sense here.

I’m not able to describe all Chars 1 by 1 since I haven’t really been able to use them all or have I seen them in game that much. These are just basic tips, and more so my opinion.

See ya’ll coaches!

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