SmashMuck Champions Beginner’s Guide

SmashMuck Champions Beginner’s Guide by Jordan

Thanks for reading the guide, this is meant to help all the new players starting smashmuck champions since it is a new game. If you are a veteran to smashmuck, this is probably not the guide for you. This guide is meant to teach the basics of smashmuck champions and how to become decent at the game so you aren’t completely smashed every single game.

Where to start?:
The first thing you should do before you jump into the game is the tutorial! The tutorial will tell you the basic controls of the game and get you used to the interface. Hit the play mode and go to practice and choose the tutorial. I recommend after doing the tutorial you go to the options menu (top right corner) and go to the controls section, there are some buttons that do great things that they don’t teach you in the tutorial! ( Such as pressing R drops the plunderball). Make sure to memorize all the controls as they will really help you in the future.

Once you get used to all the controls and interface, its time to kick some ass. But not against players yet, because you still haven’t learnt how to play yet! I recommend you go into practice mode, and play around with every single champion that is available to you. It is very important to learn every single skill and ability of every single champion in the game, once you learn this there will be no surprises at all and you can even predict what your enemy is about to do.

After you play around in practice and have a general idea of all the champions, I suggest you pick your strongest champion or the one you had the most fun playing in practice mode. Get to know all his skills by heart and also his two passive abilities! Once you are done that, you are really ready to go smash some noobs.

But still not yet! You still aren’t prepared for some pvp games. In smashmuck champions there is no team deathmatch mode, every game mode is completely different with different goals. Going into every game just to go kill the enemy players might seem fun and effective, but you will most likely lose every game. It is important to know each game mode and knowing how to win the game.

Game modes:
1. Plunderball
2. Conquest
3. Siege
4. Destroyer

Before we get to the game modes each game mode will have the following: A health pickup (green cross), an energy pickup (lightning bolt), a double damage pickup(red star) and a defense pickup(shield). It is very important to control these pickups as they are very effective and will help you win the game.

Another thing is every game type(except plunder) will have a health or energy regeneration machine. Make sure you return to these when you are low on health/energy, dying in any game and especially in smashmuck isn’t good!

1. Plunderball
The objective in this mode is to capture the enemy’s plunderball and return it back to your base. It is kind of like capture the flag in a way except the flag is a ball. One important thing to note is: your ball must be returned and at your base before you can capture the enemy team’s ball. A few key things to note is when you are holding the plunderball, you do not regenerate any energy and the first to 3 points wins. If the timer runs out the team with the most points wins. If it is 0 – 0 when timer runs out it will go into overtime, where the first team to score or eliminate the other team wins.

* It is a good idea to have your most mobile/fast champion with the most escape mechanisms holding on to the plunderball. If you don’t have a really mobile champion, a tanky champion is your best bet.

* Killing the other enemy team members who cause no threat isn’t a very good tactic because they will just respawn again. You should focus all your attention on killing the enemy with your plunderball!

* If your teammate carrying the plunderball needs help, go help him. After you are done killing whoever is chasing him, make sure to go kill the guy with your ball! Letting him run around and not attacking him at all is a big mistake and will never win you the game.

4. Energy and health pickups are very important in plunderball, especially for the guy carrying the plunderball since he will regenerate no energy and his health will constantly be low from everyone attacking him!

2. Conquest
The objective in this mode is to capture as many control points as possible. Each point will be defended by a few minions (or computer controlled bad guys.) To capture a control point just stand on the platform and you will see it turn your team’s color. There are 5 platforms in total in conquest. You gain points over time depending on how many control points you own. First team to 100 wins.

* Make sure you have at least 3 of the 5 capture points controlled or the enemy team will get more points than you.

* Sticking as a team usually sounds like a good idea, but running around as 5 people controlling capture points 1 by 1 while the other team captures the other 4 will lose you the game! Stick in little groups and go around capturing them all!

* The safest way to win the game is to capture 3 points and defend the 3 points, you will get more points over time and it is very hard to beat.

* If the enemy team sends more people to one control point than you can handle, this means they are leaving a control point undefended. If you see this, quickly get 1 person from your team to go capture the undefended point.

3. Siege
In this game mode the objective is to destroy the enemy’s Garrison. There are two lanes, a bottom and a top lane each that spawns enemy minions and have two turrets each. This game mode is very similar to dota/lol/hon so it should be easy to learn! There is also a bomb in the middle of the map which you can pickup (like the plunderball) bring anywhere to deal a ton of damage to explode. There is a timer on the bomb and once it hits 0 it will explode, delaing massive damage in a set radius.

* Each lane leads to the enemy garrison and is defended by two turrets. You only need to go through one lane to attack the garrison but you could also clear both lanes so you have two points to attack from.

* Controlling the bomb is very important! It spawns in the middle the map and will obliterate turrets, garrisons, and anything that gets in its way. If you don’t manage to pick up the bomb and the other team does, make sure to defend the lane the bomb-carrier goes to and try to kill him and take the bomb.

* It’s basically a race to kill the other team’s base first, if your team isn’t the biggest attacking force make sure to defend your base then once its safe push out and destroy the enemy team’s base!

4. Destroyer
In this game mode the objective is to destroy the other team’s machine! On the map there are crystals scattered all over the map which constantly respawn, if you bring these crystals to your machine he will level up and become stronger. Each machine has three lives, once he dies he will respawn back to the starting point. The longer each machine lives the further he walks out toward the enemy team’s machine.

* Collect crystals! Especially at the beginning of the match when both the team’s machines are still near the starting point. Spread your team out to go and get as many crystals as possible. A good strategy is to have your defensive/supportive champions collect crystals closer to your base and defend each other while having your offensive champions to go kill the enemy champions with crystals and steal them.

* It is not team deathmatch! Once again killing enemies with no threat at all is a waste to your time and will lose you the game.

* Once the enemy machine has moved out enough where you can attack him without being easily targeted by the other team, attack him! This is the most effective thing you can do in the waiting time for the crystals to respawn. Also make sure also to kill any enemy members who are attacking your machine.

* Once both machines are close enough to attack each other, attack the enemy’s machine. Ignore collecting crystals unless they spawn nearby or you are low health. Your entire team should be focusing on the enemy machine at this point.

You are ready to go! But wait, there’s more!

In smashmuck champions there is a customization feature called team management where you can customize your champions and change their stats and skills. There are three ways to do this, weapons, workouts and badges. You can buy these by playing games and earning clobbercoins, workouts can also be randomly awarded from completing games.

Each hero has different stats that they excel and struggle in.

The stats are the following:

Attack Power – Determines DPS of a champion’s basic attack and also increases a champion’s attack damage. (1 Attack power = 4 dps)
Skill Power – Determines a champion’s max energy, energy regeneration and skill boost. (1 Skill power = 75 max energy, 1 energy regen, 1% skill boost)
Vitality – Determines a champion’s max health and health regeneration. (1 Vitality = 65 max health, 1 health regen)
Defense – Determines a champion’s physical resist and health regeneration. (1 Defense = 3.5% physical resist, 2 health regen)
Recovery – Determines a champion’s elemental resist and energy regeneration. (1 Recovery = 2.5% elemental resist, 2 energy regen)
Agility – Determines a champion’s movement speed, DPS and attack speed. (1 Agility = 4 movement speed, 2 DPS, 0.04 attack speed).

Each champion will have a set of different weapons that offer a different stat boost and skill boost (some weapons even offer different skills). The effects do such things as making a skill do more damage or reducing its cooldown. It is important to note that the stat boost the weapon gives is just as important as the skill boost!

Each coach (account) has a training routine which they can fill with workouts. More workouts are unlocked the more you level up. They are divided into 3 different types, all which offer different types of stats. Strength workouts offer offensive stats, endurance workouts offer defensive stats and all star offers miscellaneous stats.

Badges offer a unique ability that is applied in each game. Badges are unlocked at levels 10, 20 and 30.

Now you know almost everything! There is just a few more quick things to know before you become a master at smashmuck champions.

There is a league system, where a certain game type is featured for a certain amount of time. Playing this game type will give you league rating and bonus clobbercoins and experience. At the end of each league season the top players get rewards.

There is also an alliance system which are like clans. Invite your buddies and become the strongest league on smashmuck! They have no real benefits yet, but there are soon to be added in the future.

If you have any more questions, there is a wiki on the main page that goes into even more details of the game. Finally, if you encounter any bugs make sure to report them using the X in the top right corner.

Start smashing!

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