SmashMuck Champions Ninjette Basic Guide

SmashMuck Champions Ninjette Basic Guide by jakerooski

Ninjette is all about doing burst damage one on one and then either chasing down (if it’s just one guy) or falling back and waiting on cooldowns (if it’s a team fight).

You won’t do much against a heavy tank like Scathe, but using Stealth to get behind the front line and find a weaker caster by himself is the best bet.

When you do find the unfortunate soul, if stealthed basic attack and immediately blade flurry, do another basic attack and they’re probably already running from you, so stun and stealth and basic attack again. Then it’s just a matter of chasing them around basic attacking till they’re dead.

If you’re not stealthed just instantly stun and pull yourself to them, then stealth and basic attack for the crit, and follow it with a blade flurry. Then they’ll almost be dead and chase them around and basic attack.

I’ve changed this a few times and this is what I like the best so far.

3x boxing gloves (+15% crit damage)
2x resistance training (+4% attack speed)

3x sparring practice (+4.2% physical resist)
2x tacos (+66 health)

5x Whistle (+6 Movement Speed)

Rattlesnake or Boost

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