SmashMuck Champions Scuttlemuck Strategy Guide

SmashMuck Champions Scuttlemuck Strategy Guide by GoodCat


Hey my name is Shawn Walker but my in-game name is “GoodCat” I am currently rank 3 in the 3v3 plunderball league and am pretty sure I am most well known for playing the character “ScuttleMuck”. Now, I’ve noticed that a lot of players seem to be having trouble winning and even though part of that is the matchmaking, a huge part is picking the right champion and knowing exactly what to do with them. So I’m trying to give advice on how to win a lot more games and the only person I can really tell you exactly how to do that with Scuttlemuck.

The role of Scuttlemuck

Now in Smashmuck champions, Scuttle is considered to be a melee support. However, if you are familiar with league of legends, you can relate him to a “melee bruiser”. The role of this type of champion is to drag damage away from the carry and also deal a lot to the enemy carry as well. As scuttle, the best way to do this is by using your “blow the man down” move, and healing your allied carry. Note that in plunderball, the carry would be whoever is carrying the flag. I’ll talk about what you should do if you’re stuck with the plunderball later.

Team composition

A lot of people have private messaged me asking for advice. Usually, the first thing I tell them is that winning 3v3 is all about your team composition. And since this is a scuttlemuck guide, I’ll tell you some team comps that go well with him.

1 Comp

Minos, Vooghoul. This is in my opinion, the best comp to run with Scuttlemuck. Having Minos gives you a lot of tankiness and front line burst to a team fight. This is made especially easy with a hard crowd control like “blow the man down” or “nether bomb”. Vooghoul also offers a lot of the same benefits of minos giving a lot of burst and crowd control. However what he lacks in minos’s tankiness, he makes up for in utility. As vooghoul make sure you always hit at least 2 people with your netherbomb and that’s basically all you need to do in a teamfight.

Alternate champions

If you play with a scuttle and don’t like minos or vooghoul, or you are the scuttle and you’re team mates don’t like them, some good alternates include plan-kan, z-314, and scathe. The main reason why these are good alternates is because they offer similar things to minos and vooghoul in terms of cc and utility. And remember, there are no “bad” team comps, so even if you don’t have these champs on your team doesn’t mean it’s gg. These are just what i think are the MOST effective comps.

Flag Running

Scuttlemuck is not a good flag runner. This is the most important thing to note. The reason for this, is because even though you are technically a dps, all of your auto attack damage comes from “feed the fish” because of the armor penetration it provides. And without energy, you’re not able to have that advantage when going toe to toe against an enemy. In the team comp i listed earlier, have minos or plan kan run the flag as they are naturally tankier than scuttle. Also note that having vooghoul run the flag is just as bad as scuttle.


The best thing about scuttlemuck is that you will never lose a 1v1 if you and your opponent are both of equal health and energy. This is because your move “feed the fish” not only reduces the enemy armor, but also heals you for each hit. Now this move alone lets you win almost all 1v1s, But if that’s not enough, you can just pop “blow the man down” and while they are stunned, you can just land even more free hits while they can’t land any. And if THAT’s not enough, you can just use payday and heal up.

1v1 matchups

Now obviously support champs won’t have a chance 1v1ing anyone let alone scuttle so I will just disclude them outright. Instead I will tell you what to do against some of the champs that pose the most threat to scuttle.

Ninjette: Ninjette and a lot of other assassin champions just can’t 1v1 against scuttlemuck given the fact that they are just too squishy. For instance, the ninjette will probably choose to attack you from stealth. As long as you don’t panick, you should just be able to land an easy 2, 1 combo on her and proceed to destroy her as she just can’t match your dps when she has “lure” on her.

Oozelo: Oozelo is one of the most annoying champs to face as scuttle given the fact that you just can’t kill him. However, this doesn’t mean that he can kill you, because you have an equal amount of health sustain. Instead of trying to take on an Oozelo yourself, just try to ignore him as long as possible because neither of you are going to die any time soon and it is just a waste of time.

1v1 conclusion

These two champs are the only ones that I think people should know how to deal with. Comment if you want to know how to deal with another specific champion that I didn’t cover.


Earlier I said I would tell you what you should do in the occasion that you are running the flag. This actually happens quite a lot given the fact that sometimes, your team just isn’t there or the enemy team is about to score if you don’t take their flag. What you should do in this situation is just gather as much distance as you can from you and the enemy team chasing you and once they get too close use your blow the man down to peel them off of you. This works even better if you hit multiple enemies which could take some extra positioning, but is usually worth it.


Now this is the first guide I’ve ever made, so if you see me in the lobby, just tell me if you feel like I didn’t specify something clearly enough, and I’ll try to clarify ASAP. I also hope this guide not only helps you play a more effective scuttle, but also helps you with the general mechanics of Smashmuck Champions.

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