Serenia Fantasy Talent Choosing Guide

Serenia Fantasy Talent Choosing Guide by Emiya

many people new to this game have problem to choosing their talent & keep asking so i decided to make some simple guide for new player, you doesn’t need to make your build as same as my guide instead use my guide to make your own build guide. so let’s begin the talent guide guys
for the skill talent 1/1 means you have to take the skill, if it 0/1 means you doens’t need to take it or can take it later

fun fact : you can get free TALENT RESET GEM at lv60 box/spent 250 coupon if you wanna reset


Ok guys for warrior, talent they have is :
brutality : specialty in skill using & heavy damager
blademaster : specialty in using normal attack & critical hit for easy killing
protection : specialty in be a tank & defensive skill

For the one who wanted to be brutality talent this is the build :

+Sword expertise lv10
+Enh.  Slam lv20
+Quick conclusion lv10
+Slash down lv20
+sword Expert lv0
+Enh. Terminate lv20
+Enh. War Cry lv0
+Precise Strikelv20

The skill you may take
+ench leap 1/1
+Wild Roar 1/1
+whirlwind 1/1
+ench crit slash 0/1
+swipe 1/1

In my opinion this is the basic brutality build, the for pet talent you should focus on:
attack, skill ench, skill crit acc, skill crit acc , skill acc. Since brutality is a talent focus on skill damage you should focusing your skill to make sure they hit the enemy. Therefore if you wanna increased it brutality talent ussualy good for early & mid game. brutallity talent is also adept at using enh terminate to destroy the enemy.
PRO : brutality terminate is very hurtfull & they slam is hurt for a skill with 4s cooldown
Cons: brutality  get downhill when fight enemy with high skill eva

Socket gem :
Red: atk/skill crit acc/skill acc
Blue : def/silence resist *late game /Skill crit RD

The next is blademaster talent :

+ weapon mastery lv20
+Smash lv0
+Combat incentive lv20
+savage lv20
+ravage lv0
+attack weakness lv20
+silencing blade lv20
+blood lust lv0

Mini notes for BM : or you can take lv1 silencing blade then left the point left for blood lust lv20

the skill you may take :
+shocking smash 0/1
+eliminate 0/1
+serenity 1/1
+challenge 1/1
+Death dance 1/1

My opinion about this blade master build rally on normal attack, therefore you really need attack speed, critical acc , critical enchant, and atk. & why we don’t taking smash ? smash basically for increasing base atk but in higher lvl smash won’t be useful because it’s only increased a small amount of attack & ravage only give 5stack of aspd with short amount of time.
PRO: this blade master build is very easy for farming & good for pvp due it’s only need normal attack crit & have a high aspd rate
Cons: this build kinda hurt to play when still early game. Because when critical acc talent not maxed yet you gonna have a hard time.

Socket Gem:
Red : atk / atk speed/ crit acc (myself goes full crit acc for maximizing my crit)
Blue: Def / stun resist (this one kinda expensive but gonna usefull in late game)

For protection talent you may use this build :

Full Protection Build :                                   Semi Offensive Build:
+resistance boost lv20                                + Resistance boost lv10
+enrage lv10                                              + Enrage lv20
+Enh block lv0                                            + Enh Block lv0
+Fortitude lv20                                           + Fortitude lv20
+Riposte Burst lv10                                     + Riposte Burst lv20
+tough lv20                                                + Tough lv0
+enh. Surge lv0                                           + Enh Surge lv10
+Veteran’s Scar lv20                                    + Veteran’s Scar lv20

the skill you need to take :
+sacrifice 1/1
+revitalize 1/1
+war stomp 1/1
+charge 0/1
+Shield Wall 1/1

my opinion about protection talent was a talent for late game, this talent riposte burst work awesome, the counter feel very hurt & give nice amount of damage. Survival of this talent is nice so suggested status is atk, def, skill ench, skill crit acc, skill crit enhance. Why didn’t take enh surge ? well protection talent excel at defensive skill. So you should conserve your talent point for all defensive to be the best tank in this game
PRO: this the most defensive talent in this game but also have a nice counter attack & fast hp regen
Cons: the downhill of this talent is pretty low on offensive talent, not too good for early game

Socket Gem:
Red : atk / Silence / Atk speed
Blue : Def / Hp / skill crit eva / skill crit RD


For archer, talent you have is :
+ ranger : ranger is offensive talent of archer, this talent have a wide variant of skill enh & damaging skill
+hunter : hunter is defensive & DPS type archer, have the most deadliest poison in this game
+magehunter: as the name say, this class excel at dodging skill & have mana burn for late game

For Ranger there 2 type of build, 1 skill focus build while the other hit focus build:

Skill focus build should take :                               hitter focus build should take:
+bow expertise lv20                                                +bow expertise lv20
+Enh. Triple shot lv20                                                +Enh. Triple shot lv0
+Bleeding Pierce lv0                                                + Bleeding pierce lv20
+Fatality lv20                                                        +Fatality lv20
+Full Prep lv0                                                        +Full prep lv20
+Sharpshotter lv20                                                +Sharpshotte lv0
+Archer techniques lv20                                        +Archer Techniques lv0
+Pierce lv0                                                                +Pierce lv20

The skill 2 type sub talent should be same though:
+Take Aim 1/1
+Strom Strike 1/1
+Focus shot 1/1
+Penetrate 1/1
+Rapid shots 1/1

For ranger have 2 type build, because different in talent usage so I divide in 2 class. When play as skill focus talent you REALLY need skill acc. Other status for it’s skill crit acc, skill crit enchance, atk, skill enchance (this build almost like mage using skill for spam), then for hitter type you should focus on your normal hit critical, which that mean you need crit acc, crit enchance, atk, acc,& attack speed.
Pro: skill caster type gain upper hand in spamming many skill you have & damage your skill does is good. While hitter type gain upper hand when fight magehunter due they didn’t use skill instead normal hit like Blade master but with deadly effect like bleeding & stun for their normal attack
Cons: caster type quickly run out of mana & usually get downhill when fight agains magehunter who have high skill eva. On the other hand hitter type need to depends on their lucky due to bleeding only appear in crit.

Socket Gem:
Red: skill crit acc / crit acc / atk / skill acc
Blue: Def / Silent Resist *for late game too

For Hunter talent you may take talent :

+Endurance Training lv20
+Survivability lv20
+Hunting Techniques lv0
+Venom Essence lv20
+Nimbleness lv20
+Ench Trap lv0
+Hunt lv20
+Enh Multi Arrow lv0

For the skill to take is :
+Poison Trap 1/1
+Feign Death 1/1
+Grapple 1/1
+Volley 1/1
+Arrow Shot 1/1

hunter is the defensive talent archer who RELY on their DPS because venom essence can stack at max 20 times which in case give 4800damages/10s + -2% damage RD/stack so -40% damage RD when the venom stack 20 times. Why didn’t take hunting tech ? hunter attack wasn’t needed too much, you should focus on survivality so increase your Damage RD, HP , atk , skill ench, attack speed/skill crit acc. Hunter is very versatile on Stronghold battle & battlefield
PRO: hunter venom essence is the worst poison in the game, it cause 4800damage/10s & can do feign death to surprise the enemy by putting poison trap to silent them for 5s
Cons: hunter talent was lack of atk which in case the lowest atk compare the other archer talent

Socket Gem:
Red : Silence *late game / Atk / atk Speed / Crit acc
Blue : Def / Hp

For magehunter you could take 2 type, homming focus & Hitter type:

For homming focus:                                         Hitter Type
+Exorcist techniques lv10                                 +Exorcist Techiniques lv10
+Precision lv20                                                 +Precision lv10
+Quick Reflexes lv20                                         +Quick Relfexes lv20
+Building bravery lv10                                         +Building Bravery lv10
+Quick Reload lv0                                         +Quick reload lv10
+Enh. Homming Arrow lv20                                 +Enh. Homming arrow lv0
+Weaken Attack lv0                                         +Weaken attack lv20
+Mana burn lv20                                                 +Mana Burn lv20

The skill to take still same though:
+Enh. Haste 0/1
+Ruining shot 1/1
+Combat master 0/1
+Oppres 1/1
+Void Shot 1/1

Magehunter also have 2 path, the homming focus ofcourse need skill crit acc, skill crit ench , skill ench, atk & some skill evasion. Homming focus have a heavy damage on homming arrow so you must ensure the homming hit the enemy so we need lv20 precision, while the hitter focus on burning enemy mana with normal hit in late game (70 talent lv++) the homming is for mid game while hitter is for late. But each have to take mana burn due their final skill Void shot need to burning mana to increased the damage.
Pro: Homming Focus have upper hand in fast killing the enemy & sure 1 hit heavy damage dealer while the normal hit have the upper hand when fight homming focus due their skill eva & also at late game hitter can burn mana pretty quickly
Cons :magehunter may have a big skill evasion, but they lack normal attack eva. So again hitter type like BM this class got some nightmare due their DPS is kinda small & only have some skill for offense.

Socket Gem:
Red : Atk / Atk Speed
Blue : skill eva < focus on this for magehunter


For Mage have this kind of talent:
+destruction: THE MOST dangerous mage talent, who have overdrive who increased other spell power
+balance: balance can support with their buff & tactical magic user
+HP : work as priest of this game & have the highest HP than other mage talent

For destruction the talent to take is :

+staff Expertise lv20
+Enh. Fireball lv0
+Magic Recharge lv20
+Energy Snatch lv20
+Thunder domination lv0
+Chain Casting lv20
+Enh. Silence Curse lv0
+Spirit Recharge lv20

The skill you should take :
+Blink 0/1
+Overdrive 1/1
+Devastate 1/1
+Mystic Bond 1/1
+Doom pulse 1/1

destruction goes pure damage, you may take 1/2 skill enchant skill but reduce your skill ench & skill crit ench, which it better to take skill enchance then skill upgrade talent. Also your double cast is killer passive talent. While your overdrive increased all of your damage into monstrous range in some short time but combined with thunder with critical , overdrive & double cast your skill damage will be monstrous
PRO: Heaviest Damage dealer for non token user in this game & have the most mana in this game
Cons: low HP & low defense which lead dead if the enemy have high skill evasion/high damage

Socket Gem:
Red : Atk / skill crit acc / skill crit enh
Blue : Def (you gonna need this) / HP / silence resist *late game

Balance Talent should take:

+Heart of Nature lv10
+Arcane Boost lv20
+Enh Freeze lv0
+Life Sap lv20
+Mage Armor lv20
+Enh. Frost Breath lv0
+Balance Mind lv20
+Barren lv10

The skill you should take :
+Bless 1/1
+Transform 1/1
+Equilibrium 1/1
+Murky Rush 1/1
+Murky shield 1/1

Balance mage have a both good offense & good defense while balance have tactical spell to curse / even supporting allies they have a good talent for supporting/battle. Balance mage bless give a good amount of buff to allies which very usefull in early game. Balance mage damage should be focused on holy attack, skill ench, skill crit ench , skill crit acc, & skill acc to make a good balance mage.
PRO: balance excell in offense & support which in battle his offensive talent work for delaying the enemy with transform&other , also blessing allies/self for more battle power
Cons: balance mage atk doesn’t as big as destruction mage & it’s defense not as big as HP mage so it’s have an average status.

Socket Gem:
Red : skill crit acc / skill crit enh (focus on make skill crit for balance type)
Blue : Silent Resist *late game / Def

For HP mage  there 2 type, semi support & full support:

Semi support take :                                   Full support take:
+Sacred mind lv10                                  +Sacred Mind lv20
+Enh. Magic Bolt lv20                                  +Enh. Magic Bolt lv0
+cultivation lv10                                          +cultivation lv20
+Damage Absorption lv20                          +Damage Absorption lv0
+Life Force lv10                                          +Life Force lv20
+Enh. Magic shield lv0                                  +Enh. Magic Shield lv0
+divine Guidance lv20                                  +divine guidance lv20
+Feedback lv0                                          +Feedback lv20

For the skill talent to take both are same:
+Heal 1/1
+Aid 1/1
+Pray 1/1
+Final light 1/1
+Song of Goddess 1/1

HP mage was main spear for supporting heal, their heal based on ordinary attack so you need to increase your base attack & damage enchance. They excel in healing due their heal doesn’t have any cooldown so they can keep healing till they run of mana. The status for full support just need to increased their atk & ench attack, crit acc, mp,hp as long their survivality is high they can keep support by healing. For semi support you also need some skill crit acc & enchance for pvp purpose, but I suggesting you to take destruction/balance for pvp. But if you wanna be a battle priest those build should work for you too though.
PRO: they can heal the tanker for world boss without stopping due heal doesn’t have cooldown, their survivality is high due to high HP & Def
Cons: even semi support offensive side is not as good as other talent, & for full support mage is kinda hard to farming in early game

Socket Gem:
Red : ATK (goes with full atk for full support) / crit acc (this also work for critical heal)
Blue : Def / HP

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