Scarlet Blade Party System Guide

Scarlet Blade Party System Guide by lestat_anil

Creating a party

Step 1

In the pop-up window that appears when you click on the character you wish to invite, click “party invitation”

Step 2

The character receiving the party invitation will have an icon that will appear. The party can be created by clicking the appropriate icon.

In the settings you may choose to automatically reject party invites.

A party is generated when at least 2 or more people are present.

Party recruitment

The party recruiting in-game shortcut [P] will appear in the party window once available. With a party of at least 2 people you can register for the participation of the party group by generating an application through the [apply] button.

Party support

If you want to participate in the party, you may apply through the party support tab on support post registration. Players generated in party once the support invite posts.

Party rule

Step 1

Party rule can be set in the Party information tab

Step 2

You have 5 party rules you can set up:

Party Name: Sets the name of the party

Limit the level: Sets a level limit on the party on which an individual can join.

Item distribution method: Sets the mode in which the items will be distributed in the hunting party.

Free grab: Whoever acquires the dropped item first will obtain it

Sequential acquisition: Players will pick up items in order of numerical order

Party acquisition: Party acquired items that will drop coupons

Item ratings: More than magic / More than rare / More than unique

Goods acquisition method: Instant auction / dice / class-specific dice

Party information

You may disband and/or leave the party from the Party information tab.

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