Scarlet Blade Mail System Guide

Scarlet Blade Mail System Guide by lestat_anil

Sending Mail

Step 1

Access the mail window at the bottom right of the screen by using the mail icon or by using the shortcut [U] and entering messages in the pop up tab.

Step 2

Friends or guildmates are registered on the Friends/Contact list in the social window. Right-click the mail button and your character name will automatically be entered into the message.

The character name is automatically inputted so that it may not be misspelled.

Tip: Items can be added by drag & drop from the inventory window when sending mail. You can send up to 5 items at once this way. Untradeable items do not attach to the message.

Receiving Mail

Step 1

You can check mail by using the “read” button

Step 2

You may click on the flashing mail icon on the interface.

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