Scarlet Blade Medic Tips and Strategies

Scarlet Blade Medic Tips and Strategies by kittymix

Hiii, hope everyone having a good time in the alpha that has access. This is one of the best games aeria has made available that I played and would like to share some interesting tips and strats that you may or may not find interesting from my medic game-play. I’ll try make this short as possible to get right down to the good stuff. I may add more later but will probably let ya know if I do. You may comment and discuss with mature feedback ^^

Tips when Playing

  • Medics have one of the biggest skill trees in the game. You will get 1 stat point per level and quite a few from main line quests so it’s important to complete them first.
  • CP is used to power up the mech you will recieve from a main line quest at lvl 17 along with the power suit from level 21. The mech will drain 35 CP out of combat and 50 during combat which can be used at any time even in dungeons. The power suit will constantly dragin 1 CP per second regardless. Power suits add nice stats for PvP such as Defense vs Players but they can only be used in PvP.
  • CP regenerates 3 per second out of combat state but can be easier recovered with CP restoring items but they are not very common so save them for emergency during PvP or difficult bosses.
  • The mech has a cool-down after you transformed but the cool-down is over-ride by running out of CP. This only happens if your CP reaches 0 (even if you have just 1 CP left it will keep you in mech form until the next second). This will allow use of “quick burst tactics” I made up while testing the mech battle. More info on this in the Strats.
  • Any monster may rarely drop gear enchantment items that will multiply the stats of the gear by % however drop rate is reduced to what appears to be 0 when the monster’s level is too low from your character. Save these items for the level 20+ gear.
  • Always make use of your sit command to help restore your HP/SP much faster. This skill believe it or not CAN be upgraded from monster drops in the game! Sit level 2 drops from monsters between levels 12-19 that I know of while the level 3 sit drops from 20+. Level cap is 29 so it may be 20-29.
  • Passports can be found from monster drops as well even though it’s rare. You may also find these within the dungeons or even the battlefields where PvP is taking place. In the PvP janus, you can get them from taking out the towers sometimes while in turnpike they can be found in treasure chests that I know of.
  • eBook skills can be bought inside the battlefield with BP. They are basically special emotes. Other social actions can be bought inside the battlegrounds as well but do not waste your points and gold on this stuff unless you don’t care about gearing up lol.
  • Battle points are earned by either doing damage to other players (bonus from kills) or healing players in the case you are a medic.
  • Leaving a guild will put you on a cool-down for 24 hours before you can join another. The game doesn’t state this anywhere so I will here since I tested this accidentally lol.
  • Many medics believe that doing lot of dps will earn them ton of score at end of the round so they focus on dps skills, however they get scored from healing more than from killing. I got 3rd place from spamming heals and using burst tactics so please consider playing the field medic with buffs and heals while throwing a few shots here and there of damage.

Strategies Regarding Medic:

This will be much shorter I promise but as I mentioned earlier there’s a special tactic that can change tide of any battle. This specific tactic I refer to can be done by any class but I will show you how I do it with medic since it’s only class I leveled up in 20s for this alpha. This tactic is called “Mecha Quick Burst” aka MQB. MQB has 2 methods to perform but both can be used in combo granted you are skilled enough to pull it off. Please note that this will take lot of practice to perform especially if you have a laggy connection and your CP must be at least 35 to pull off but you can go for 51 for a 2 second duration. This only applies for after you have used up your initial 1000 CP and discover how slowly it restores when you really want it again in PvP. I will refer to each by being either “assault” or “aid” also including the duration of the methods Medics can do either since they are the support class. Now let’s get to the good stuff and remember I’m only using Medic as an example!

MQB 1 second assault! (MQB1 assault) :

This is what I like to call the game’s official cheap shot since it is a good way to finish off a player for a quick kill count without warning. This style of MQB involves the use of the skill “Twin Strikes” to quickly finish off an enemy player. This skill will quickly burst fire your main gun at the enemy player which is done under a second with minimum lag. With only 35-50 CP, you are given 1 second in the mecha form so you must use that 1 second to unleash your weapons on the enemy before you go back to normal. When you go back to normal, you will bypass the cool-down to return to normal due to insufficient CP but you must wait until you can get least 35 CP back to do this again. Cp will not recover during combat so usually this is recovered by escaping at critical moments from the action or re-spawning and returning back to the action during the downtime of where players are provoking to lure someone to front line haha. When you get back to the action you will have most likely recovered least 35 CP to do this again. Pretty neat stuff.

MQB 1 second aid (MQB1 aid)

This is where medics shine in racking up those battle points since AoE heals have a long cool-down so not always available to help. This method involves using the medic’s famous healing circle called “Healing Field” It creates a shiny blue healing field which looks awesome that rapidly heals up to 5-6 damaged players at one time. It currently heals 200 HP every second which is a decent regen for this game atm. This skill can also be pulled off in under a second allowing you to re-use it during your next quick-burst if desired. The circle will last 20 seconds even after the medic dies. In summary go mecha form, use healing circle, then let it revert you back to normal. People tend to go after mechs first so this is another good way to shield yourself from being gunned at but still have effects of healing circle while in normal form.

Advanced MQB 1 second combo:

Warning: Do not attempt this with a laggy internet since it will not work.

This involves using “Twin Strikes” followed by a quick “Healing Circle” to assist your team. For this to work, have the enemy you wish to finish off already targeted then quickly press hot key to aim the healing circle then left click to place it on the field. If you done this fast enough you will damage/kill a player/monster and set-up a healing circle to aid in staying alive from enemy. It’s that simple.

If you want more time to preform this, you need least 51 CP for 2 second duration of mecha form. Add 50 seconds for each second you need but it’s lot harder to do after 2 seconds since CP regens so slow. Long as you have 1 CP in mecha form’s CP tick, you will still be in that form.

Haha hope this helps somewhat but feel free to comment or correct me if I messed up lol. My IGN is RaiMarie so feel free to mail/PM me in-game or on forums if you wish. I’ll add more strategies later probably but no promises.

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