Scarlet Blade Flame Boltex Instance Guide

Scarlet Blade Flame Boltex Instance Guide by naduron2

Endgame Instance for Level 39-
Bosses: 3
difficulty: Easy

1st Boss:

Tactic: Spank and Tank, watch for 5m AoE Fire which spawns randomly on the ground.

2nd Boss

Tactic: Aggro the boss and pull him west, under the bridge.
It is important that you have Sentinel/Punisher standing at the center of the room.
The boss doesn’t do anything, just nuke him to 30k HP.
At 30k HP so will mobs spawn from the east, on other side of the room.
The DPS must kill these monster before they reach the boss.
Start nuking the boss again when those adds are dead.

Final Boss

Tactic: He is very easy, just pull him to the North-East corner of the room and then Nuke him.
Watch out for the Fire balls that moves around in a circle around the room!

And yes we used a Whipper as tank.

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