Scarlet Blade Classes Introduction

Scarlet Blade Classes Introduction by TheNinjaKitten and joranger

Punisher and Defender are my personal favs.
Which class do you plan to play? Or at least try first? xD

This should help you decide which class you want to try, hope it help
*Burning : deal dps damage that ignore to target defense

– Highest MaxHP
– Speciality : Tank
– Debuff : Immobilized+gap-closing, ranged stun, silence
– Popular buff : increase MaxHP, Defense but consume SP continuously
– Mech form : good move speed, has immobilized+gap-closing, stun
my comment : Killing and tanking must be in Mech form only otherwise it will be hard. Just go with medic and you are immortal(but not in 80v80 BG)

Shadow Walker
– good/high MaxHP
– Speciality : Stealth, Small group/1v1 raid with her Stealth
– Debuff : Immobilized+gap-closing, stun(AoE), silence(AoE)
– Popular buff : increase physical dodge+debuff dodge, increase accuracy+critical+physical dodge+debuff dodge
– Mech form : fast move speed , has slow, can remove debuff(in rare Mech)
my comment : Tons of AoE disable that make her still alive when raid the small group of enemy. Can tank any physical attack by her buff that increase physical dodge, but can stilll be disabled

– High MaxHP
– Speciality : Tank + good killer
– Debuff : hook+stun, silence(AoE), melee burning(AoE) 2nd best burning in human form
– Popular buff : increase Defense, one of them will reduce her move speed
– Mech form : Good move speed, has immobilized(AoE), burning(AoE), move speed buff
my comment : Can farm group of mobs very quickly. Has skill that hook the enemy close to her and finish it off easily in the battleground. IMO she is the best in PvP

– good/high MaxHP
– Speciality : Highest attack, Late game killer, very good buff field
– Debuff : melee stun, slow, burning(single, ranged AoE) best burning in human form
– Buff : defense+dodge field buff, attack+critical field buff, stealth detection field buff, become immobilized but gain lots of attack and critical
-Mech form : slow move speed, has melee stun, melee burning(AoE), slow, 2 ranged AoE skill
my comment : become OP in late game, burning can take down any class with HP less than 4,000 just from this skill only, therefore, need tons of HP to survive from enemy Punisher

– good/high MaxHP
– Specialty : ranged single target killer, high elemental attack skill, highest move speed with buff, stelth detection
– Debuff: stat-debuff from her main attack skill, slow, stun(range, melee)
– Buff : increase move speed and stelth detect, increase move speed(more than first buff), increase critical, increase physical dodge and some defense
– Mech form : fast move speed, has slow, melee stun(AoE), some skill has lot of animation
my comment: can escape very fast from her buff, also can detect stealth along with that buff. Very straight forward damage dealer

-High MaxHP
– Specialty : buff, healing, stealth detection buff
– Debuff : ranged stun, slow(AoE), ranged immobilized
– Buff
+Stealth detection
– Mech form : fast move speed, doesn’t have disable, drastically increase attack+move speed(AoE, in rare Mech)
my comment : since healing are base from % of target HP, every class must increase their MaxHP as much as possible, recomend to find a party in BG to gain shared Exp and heal your teammate.

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