Scarlet Blade Making a Raid Guide

Scarlet Blade Making a Raid Guide by levikokonoe

So when playing in Battle Ground I notice a lot of people make parties but don’t make raids so everyone can be in one big party. Here is a picture guide so you know how to make a raid

^ When you make a party you need to right click party window. not the the little square on the top right.

^ Once clicking team settings this window will come up then you need to click on squad

^ after clicking squad make sure to click on deploy troops

^ After clicking on the the division boxes so they are all ticked you can then invite people and pick which division they go to

You can have 30 people in a raid

Also, if you are just in a party you will automatically leave the party when you go into BG while if you’re in a raid squad it will stay there and you can quickly invite more people in the BG.

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