Scarlet Blade Creating a Guild Guide

Scarlet Blade Creating a Guild Guide by lestat_anil

Setting up a Guild

Step 1

Can be established using the guild icon in the lower right-hand corner menu or in-game using the [G] shortcut key.

Should not already belong to a guild.

Must be at least level 20

Need 10 gold to set up a guild

Valid Guild establishment period (36 hours after disbanding a previous guild/withdrawing from a guild)

Step 2

Create a Guild name and click the set up/establish button

Cannot have duplicate names.

Guild Menu

After the Guild is set up, the NPC Guild caretaker helps you manage your guild and activate 2 menus.

Guild quest progression & Guild Master positions can be delegated.

Guild gold, delegation, and disbandment cannot be undone.

36 hours after disbandment, a new guild can be established.

36 hours after withdrawal, you can join a new guild.

Guild Management

In the Guild window menu Announcements, Information, and Join Consent management appears through using the [G] shortcut key or clicking the Guild icon.

Guild Contribution

Joining a guild can raise the level, grade or rating. Depending on the level, Guild placement can be changed by the NPC.

Step 1
Guild level rises through contributions with token amount of donations and earning a grade. Guilds can donate up to 1 gold and guild level item tokens. Using more experience can increase the guild level token.

Step 2
Experience through donations and contributions can raise grade. Maximum possible donation experience is marked with a maximum of 3000 Token. Items using the Guild rating can be increased more. Items do not increase the character contribution amount.

Step 3
Possible contribution to the guild once per day for a maximum of 50,000 can raise the rating.

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