Scarlet Blade User Interface Guide

Scarlet Blade User Interface Guide by lestat_anil

  • Character Bar – The number on the far left of this is your character level. The top bar is the character’s HP while the middle bar is your character’s CP, which allows you to use your mech. The bottom bar is your SP, which is consumed as you use skills.
  • Target – When you are attacking an enemy, their HP, level, distance from you in meters and name will be displayed here. If the name is red, it means it is an enemy, yellow is neutral, and green is friendly. The distance from you is important to note as many skills have range restrictions.
  • Character Interactions menu – This is what you will see if you right-click on another player. (Translation of menu courtesy of NinjaKitten)
  • Radar – Displays characters and enemies in your immediate/nearby area.
  • Quests – The quest-tracker will automatically update as you accept and complete quests and is divided in to separate categories based on the type of quest that it is. Auto-route can be enabled by clicking on the name of an NPC/mob/location on the tracker.
  • Minimap – This map is separate from the radar and can be moved around the screen and turned off by tapping the [N] hotkey.
  • Menu Bars – mail, party, guild, character, inventory, etc can be launched from their corresponding icons via this menu if you don’t want to use hotkeys.
  • Hotkey Bar – Customize these bars full of your skills, pots, etc.
  • Chatbox – Used for communicating with other Scarlet Blade members through various chat channels such as Guild, Party, System, Team, Whisper, General, and Attack Squad.


  • K – Skills
  • L – Picture Puzzles
  • T – Battlefield
  • U – Mail
  • O – Settings
  • G – Guild
  • H – Friendslist
  • V – Item Mall
  • ; – Rankings
  • C – Character
  • J – Quest Log
  • Y – Pet
  • I – Inventory
  • P – Party
  • B – Poker’s Jackpot
  • – Hide All
  • M – Map
  • N – Minimap
  • F11 – Mech Mode
  • F12 – Clothing Change


  • W, A, S, D – Movement controls
  • Right-Click – Camera
  • Scroll Wheel – Zoom In/Zoom Out
  • Space Bar – Jump
  • R – Character will automatically run toward camera until given a new command or direction.
  • Left Mouse – Movement, Targeting, and Attack
  • Right Mouse – Targeting, Move Camera, Item Pickup

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