RaiderZ Slash Commands List

RaiderZ Slash Commands List by pensri

Ok so I was looking at another forum and it made me think to create this. How about we all post the short slash commands. Like how people keep asking how do you block? And how do you add from a distance? And such. So lets make a list. And Pin if you see this and we get a nice list going can you sticky this please? Cause it would help A LOT of players.

/help <– all /command list
/? or /h is also the command list
/afk shows ur afk

/p partychat
/g guildchat
/y shoutchat
/f fieldchat
/f blocklistchat

/b is block

/ub is unblock

/invite (then space and name) is to party people from far away.

/r is to whisper the person you were just talking to. (only works after they respond)
/fr <name> for friend request

/whisper (then name) is obviously to whisper someone. (I could be wrong I dont really think when I do this lol such a habit XD)

If there is a pre made list of this feel free someone to link it. Thanks :D just thought this would be really helpful.

/fi = add friends
/gi = add guild but doesnt work during stress test

/die <– try this out it’s fun

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