RaiderZ Sorcerer PvE Glass Cannon Fire Mage Build

RaiderZ Sorcerer PvE Glass Cannon Fire Mage Build by flylol

All of this information is subject to change and only regards glass cannon fire mage pve



3/3 Flame Arrow: Good damage, relatively no CD, low cost. I feel this spell will be used as a filler for when nothing is on CD and you have energy to dump.

5/5 Rapid Blasts: Low damage, high CD, moderate cost. This spell is near the bottom of the totem pole, most likely will be used only to get a Flame Impact proc.

3/5 Magic Mastery: No reasoning needed for this, more damage is more damage. Apparently only able to get 3 points in this for now.

2/5 Ice Thorns: Good damage, moderate CD, low cost. This spell is primarily a filler, but should be used every CD to keep Awakening buff up, since it apparently has no CD.


5/5 Flame Impact: High damage, high CD due to the fact that you can only use this after Rapid Blasts, moderate cost. Very good spell which should be used every single CD.


3/3 Flame Orb: High damage, moderate CD, slightly over moderate cost. I would rank this as one of your highest prioritized spells for the sheer amount of damage it does with it’s CD and energy cost. I highly reccomend hitting multiple targets with this if possible.

5/5 Intricacy: More damage is more damage.


2/5 Pillar of Fire: Moderate damage, high CD, slightly over moderate cost. This spell seems very lackluster except in a scenario that the boss it not moved, or there is multiple mobs, I would rank this as a low priority spell except in those situations.


3/5 Burning Meteor: Extremely high damage, extremely high CD, high cost. Despite the high costs of this spell, this is probably ranked as your highest priority spell, if you have 3 stacks of Fire Magic up, due to the fact of how much damage it does, and it’s in an AoE range.

3/3 Flame Armor: More damage is more damage.


1/3 Wisdom: Only able to pick up 1 point in this (and you really only need 1 point) in Wisdom. This spell is highly effective for 1 point.


0/3 Flame Tornado: Moderate damage, high CD, high cost. I didn’t even bother getting a point into this spell due to the fact that it doesn’t do enough damage compared to everything else, though I might pick this spell up for the movement speed buff on a fight where you need to move fast alot.

0/2 Imbalanace: Very iffy spell, unclear if it adds the % onto the damage the spell does, or it increases the % the spell does.

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