RaiderZ Cleric Melee Fighter Build Guide

RaiderZ Cleric Melee Fighter Build Guide by zyja21

Hi guys, this is my build for my Pure Cleric.

Weapon: 1H Mace + Shield
Sub Weapon: Staff (For Faster Healing)
Armor: Chain Int
Gems: Int

Role: Tank, Secondary Healer, Normal-High DPSer(Possesion Active)

Hammer of Light (1) – I find this useful whether for pulling creeps in PvE or a range attack on PVP.

Divine Punishment (5) – My bread and butter nuff said.

Revitalize (3) – Self Heal. I maxed it because most of the time, I play as tank. Also Great before, during, and after mobbing.

Divine Mastery (5) – Self Explanatory.

Focused Strike (3) – Additional DPS. EP manager. Grants me 30EP if it hits(lvl 30, 100 INT)

Heal (3) – Average Healing.

Circle of Punishment (1) – Works wonders in PvE.

Blessing: Concentration(1) – To manage EP for both me and my Party(thanks to Loli for giving me insight on this)

Healing Strike (1) – Additional DPS. Free Heal.

Circle of Healing (1) – I use this often if I’m in a party instead of Circle of Punishment.

Miraculous Recovery (2) – Instant Heal. Very useful in times of need. lvl 2 for 2m cd reduction.

Whirlpool of Light (1) – Instant Cast Pushback. Very useful in times of need.

Orb of Punishment (1) – I often use this for the movement speed bonus.

Salvation (1) – Great heal for Party or even for myself.

Blessing: Swiftness (1) – I’m amazed by this skill, increases my DPS especially when Possession is active. But wait there’s more! It also affects the party. How cool is that! And also This + orb of punishment, your faster than a Moa w/o Dash for 4 sec.

Play Style:
PvE Solo – Usually Mob the Melee monsters then Circle of Punishment + Divine Punishment combo. With a couple of Focus, Healing and Normal Strikes in between. Heal before or after fighting if necessary.

PvE Party (Dungeon Runs)– Just like when I solo but most of the time I use Circle of Healing Instead of Circle of Punishment. And instead of Striking, I use Heal when Divine Punishment is on cooldown. Ofcourse, when there is no one to heal. I Strike. Salvation works wonders on party.

PvP – Spam Divine Punishment. If possible, I cast Circle of Punishment to increase damage. then a couple of Focus and Healing Strikes. Hammer of Light for a range attack or on low health fleeing foe. Blessing of Swiftness + Orb of Punishment or sometimes only Orb of Punishment to catch up and hit them enemies.

*Average DPS – High DPS ~Divine Punishment with Circle of Punishment and Possesion Active deals a lot of burst damage.
*Secondary Healer/Support ~never hurts.
*Tanky ~because of heal and blocking
*Great in PvE ~mobing greatness!
*Highly Accepted in Parties ~due to clerical nature. They love me!
*Great array of Utility Skills

*Easily out-dpsed by zerk/sorc
*Easily out-healed/out-supported by pure healer clerics
*Easily out-Tanked by defenders
*No stuns just flinches
*Hard to catch sorc!
*EP intensive

As of now I really like to play this build. I am happy. The healer in my party is happy. The melee fighters in my party are happy. And the enemies are angry.

Target additions for lvl35 cap
Blessing: Concentration +2 ~probably solves my mana issues
Blessing: Swiftness +1
Healing Strike +1
Orb of Punishment +1 or Im thinking of putting +1 on Defender’s Stunning Smash for an unblockable attack.

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