RaiderZ Catacombs Detailed Guide

RaiderZ Catacombs Detailed Guide by elkenlak

First and foremost, the reason I want to make this guide is to help newbie who are not good in Catacomb and my English is not very good so please forgive me if I have grammar mistakes.

During OBT your client will crash,if you go in without recovering the file.Use the Recovery.exe in your RaiderZ file to fix it, although some people said that they can don’t have that problem.

Faster way to clear Catacomb:
First of all I want to thanks those who cooperate by testing out this tactic and obey my “commands”, Jaxengard, Aominecchi , EvilDQ , Takaharu from Crawler.
I Tried this out already with some good party members stated above and cleared the dungeon in 32mins.
1)1 player with any job but really great at aggro and dodge at the same time
2)1 Healer
3)3 Pro extra healer are not encourge
4)Teamwork between 5 party members
5)All people do not need BloodStone because you won’t be killing much mobs with this tactic but u will get Pure Magic Water faster.
6)All people should know that you don’t have to kill all mobs,so all member should love the wall and “HUG” them to avoid aggro’ing unnecessary mobs.

Tactics with step and walkway:
Part 1:

1)Start with the right side
2)Clear all the right side mobs while aggro the least mobs if possible with the walkway shown by the image above(Red Line)
3)The starting was simple until Burial Chamber 2,you will only need to kill 6 mobs in this chamber,4 soldier 2 archer.Try to aggro only 2 soldier and 1 archer at a time, for the 1st aggro pull them to the BLUE X Mark, so that the archer will come in to the entrance instead of shooting you inside the chamber. After killing the first group, all member should go in and kill the other 2 soldier and 1 archer, stay near the archer so you could hit 3 mobs at the same time. You can also aggro the 2nd group like the 1st aggro to ensure that u wouldn’t aggro the other mobs in the chamber.
4)Clear all the mobs to the middle boss entrance even though you can’t enter after clearing the right boss, reason will be explained at the bottom part 2.
5)After clearing the right boss remember active the door that will open up after u clear both left and right boss.
6)You can chose neither /die unequip equipment if needed nor relog from Character Selection team to start from the starting point instantly cause going back to the starting point from the right boss chamber may aggro leftover mobs on the right side. Remember leave at least 1 member in the Dungeon to prevent reset.

Part 2:

Aggro Test Video<<<CLICK
1)After clearing the right side boss and returning to the starting point here is where all party members need good teamwork.
2)Now is where the aggro stated above as requirement 1 and the most important.
3)The aggro should follow the Black Line on the Image above by aggro’ing mobs as much as possible.
4)The other 4 members, must not heal/help/hit the mobs which is aggro by the aggro’er while walking behind carefully without aggro the leftover mobs and you must not look/stare at the mobs that are aggro’ed just like Witch from L4D so try to get a distance between the aggro’er. Coz when u stare at them u will be the 2nd target that turn u into combat mode, therefore when the first target,aggro’er died you are the next target.
5)Advice for aggro’er:
-Aggro as much mobs as possible
-Dodge the mage’s ice attack and assasin’s attack which will slow you down.
-Dodge instead of walking slowly when you are slowed.
-Jump as much as possible to avoid being hit by the summoned skeleton aka the fastest moving mob in Catacomb.
-The red X mark is where you should die
-Try to buy more time if possible for the other 4 members to reach the destination.
6)The aggro’er will lure all the mobs until the Red X Mark shown on the Image above, before the aggro’er die leftover 4 members should wait at Light Blue X Mark. Therefore only 4 members will kill the left side boss, but the boss is very easy since it won’t heal like the middle boss.
7)While the 4 members are killing the left side boss, the died aggro’er must walk to the middle boss entrance through the right side and remember do not aggro leftover mobs in the right side and wait until the doors are opened. As stated at Part 1 tactic step No.4, all the mobs in the entrance to the midway should be dead right now. So you can wait at there safely.
8)After the left side boss died, follow this walkway:
Red=Aggro’er,Blue=4 Party members

9)The left over 4 members should rush by sticking to the wall and rush to the middle room without hesitation and only kill them in the next room.
10)The aggro’er can chose to give up or loot the left side boss’s drops and remember not to aggro the leftover mobs. Remember aggro’er need to be fast to loot the Left Side Boss’s Drop or stay in the middle room until the 4 members pull the mobs and kill them in the middle room.

There are 3 bosses in this dungeon:
1)Right Boss: Riviute
2)Left Boss: Basteroe
3)Middle/Final Boss: Manelloth

1)This boss will only target A FURTHEST person and give the person a debuff that last 2 seconds, when the debuff duration ends the boss will rush toward and hit the targeted person no matter how far the person is. The targeted person will always be the furthest one. It will crouch(stunned or something) once after 6 rush.
2)Each time his HP decrease 30% he will drop swords that he has been pierced with, he will drop maximum 3 swords during the fight. You are able to deal 6k dmg when the sword drop.
3)It will also use Fire Nova that are only blockable by defender.

1)After the debuff duration ends run FORWARD without facing the boss while avoid getting near to your party members and dodge forward after the debuff duration end for 0.5 seconds.
Guide to Dodge Riviute’s Rush Video
3)Try to run/dodge off from the Fire Nova range.

1)You will only deal 5-8 dmg to the boss when he is not in the Pool of Darkness that are spawned temporarily and randomly.
2)When the boss HP reached a certain amount of health, fissures will begin to spawn from the edges of the room and moving across it in a straigh line.
3)When the Pool Of Darkness is spawned, it will spawn a mage with the Pool of Darkness and deal damage to the surrounding. Besides only maximum of 2 mages will be spawned.

1)Person who aggro the boss must stay near the Pool of Darkness even you are a cleric.
2)IMO those fissures will hardly hit you, but when you are hit, you may get hit by in continuosly if you are in the direction of the fissure will hit next so try to avoid it if needed.
3)You should kill the mages so a new Pool of Darkness will be spawned.

1)It will cast Lightning Strike that are quite annoying and damaging.*Casting time=3 seconds
2)It will cast Shield that regenerate its own hp as long as the shield last. The shield has approximately 60-100HP, in my research u will need to deal more damages with normal hit but lesser with skills.
3)It will cast Fire Nova that are similar to Riviute one but its blockable by all job but hard to dodge since the range is big
4)When its HP is 100-51%,it will cast a curse on random people with a Skull icon on the targeted person
5)When its HP is below 50% it will crouch down for a while and will cast a new type of “Curse”, the Electric Ball/Orb that will spawn on either left or right side of its front and works almost like Lich’s ulti from DotA. The ball will change target when it hit the first target,second target,etc for 2 times.*Casting time=3 seconds,Duration=15seconds.

1)Block(Easy) it or ONLY dodge(Hard) it on 3rd second after you are targeted. When you are the targeted block it or dodge it ONLY on the 3rd second to prevent Lightning Strike from changing the direction where the boss will shoot so the rest member are save.One people die is better than 5 people die’ing together.
2)You should hit it as hard as you could with quick-attacking skill or multiple hit skill.Therefore if you are a mage don’t use casting skill
Manelloth’s Shield effect testing Video
3)Block it instead of running out from the range. Blocking it will save a lot of time walk back to hit and decrease the rate of being hit for full damage.
4)Quickly dodge backward, and avoid getting near to your teammates
5)After seeing the boss cast the skill, dodge backward immediately on 3rd second or earlier and let the ball chase you while letting the rest member to hit it so that you will not hurt your other member.All member should dodge backward in different direction IMO. And don walk backward coz its slower and the ball will chase you if u do so.
Guide to handle Manelloth’s Skills Video

Team Strategy for each boss by dkbone

– everyone should stack in the dark cloud to burn the spawned mages down as quick as possible.
– no one should use knock back / knock down skills since that will push the mages or the boss out of the dark cloud and melee characters won’t be able to attack it.
– when mages spawns, always let a melee character get the first hit. so the casters will have a much easier time standing inside the dark cloud and cast spells.

– no special team strategy required other than everyone knowing when to dodge the boss’ attacks.
– if you want to kill boss faster, try to have ppl group up when the boss is using the rush move. so who ever got the sword that does 6k damage will have an easier time running to the person who is being rushed by the boss (since there is a time limit to the sword, and most of the time u get the sword right before he starts doing his rush attack. so if everyone is close by, the person who got the sword will be able to reach the boss when he stands still after each rush attack)

– When the electric orbs appear, a ranger character should always walk towards it and try to move the orb away from the boss / melee characters. Since casters can still attack when the orb is on them, where as melee will die quickly if the orb is on them and want to attack the boss. one thing the melee characters can do is quickly take one hit from the orb and the orb will move to another target. so u can use this method to transfer the orb’s target to another person.
– tips for melee characters, try to spread around the boss when attacking. so it is clear who the boss is targeting. it will make the fight easier as u know when u will need to block / dodge. If the boss is not targeting you, most likely you won’t need to dodge his next attack.

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