RaiderZ Boss Tips and Information Guide

RaiderZ Boss Tips and Information Guide by kawingshek

Don’t be afraid of his mist skill, it only slows you down.
Charging skill that rushes forward.
Claw attack: 2x frontal claw stabs.
Take advantage of his drop which is a large shield.

Shield skill #2 will 90% knock crawler down

Veilnus (Goat statue):
Unblockable attacks
Pay attention incase he does AoE attack near himself, in that case do an evasive roll or just move away.
Take the advantage to go between his legs.
Boss screenshot

Eluga (Frog):
Unblockable attacks.
He uses roar attack(spit) which is frontal damage, just move sideways and attack.
Jumping attack is avoidable just look up.
Chewing is rarely used.

Fleetfoot aka FF(1st Wolf):

Most of the time unblockable due to different angle claw attack.
He spawns wolves at low hp.
He has a tail attack which is 360 degree attack which is dodgeable if timed right
Unnecessary to dodge and waste 30 stamina unless he uses his charging move. You can always circle around him and avoid the claw pounce.

Queen Teresis (1st spider):
Blockable attacks.
She shoots aimed spider web that immobilize you.
She has an AoE spin attack (360 degree near her)
Drops venomous toenail/claw to add poison buff on your weapon on the spider legs.
Her ultimate skill is an AoE spider web attack which deals damage and immobilize.

Sorena (1st dragon):
Has a frontal fire breath attack.
Drops her horn, take advantage of it
Spotlight of Sorena
Sorena boss fight

Borgo (1st Ogre/quest & field boss):
He has a grip attack that grabs you and throws you away (Homerun?)
He’s slow, take advantage of circling around him.
He has a three or four hit combo so be careful when he’s facing against you.
He has a stun skill which is aoe when he jumps and lands on his butt.
He has an AoE spin attack.
He has a charge / rush skill similar to the ogre/troll warriors.
Boss screenshot

Goblin Gollem aka GG:

2 Phases of this boss.
Melee players should focus on attacking the frontal side (crystal). (Now including spell caster aswell)
He has a “horse kick” if someone is behind him that pisses him off.
The goblin can throw 3 random bombs. but in a known pattern.
The golem has a blockable skill when he goes rampage and hits 3x smashing front of him.
When phase 1 is over move away from the boss when your damage says: Disable, because he’s going to do an AoE roar skill and the 3x hulk smashes.
When Phase 2 begins, you are able to hit him anywhere at 100% dmg.
Goblin Gollem Fight trailer

Aruka (Mushroom boss at Garden):
Has a charging skill that’s rushing against you and your party members (blockable).
Has an AoE charging skill that gives you the status sleep. (Not anymore with shouts)
Has an AoE charging skill that does 3x hit spin attack.
Has a charging skill that is unblockable but hits you once.
Likes to dance.

Master of Garden aka MoG:
Poison spore (DoT, Damage over time), when this is being used it’s a sign of when it’s rooting itself on the ground to heal itself. (Only available in Normal mode)
Has an AoE skill that pops up her vines/roots. with the pattern of a “X” mark
Healing skill when she is rooted down to the ground. (Hit her petals to stop the healing process)
Charging skill when she rushes forward. (unrooted)
Venom spit ball which is an aoe skill that will land near a target. Pay attention on where it will land. (Dodgeable) (Rooted)
Venom spit is a straight line skill with a DoT included. Avoidable if you are strafing while it’s being charged. (Rooted)
She has boobs if you look closely.
Spotlight of Master of Garden and her actions
Story of Master of Garden & Information

Grand Master Riviute (Knight in catacomb):
AoE fire aka Fire Nova skill when he is charging his fire. Blockable with bastion or run away.
Point and charge is a skill when he points at you and charges to attack. You can dodge it once he charges. He points and charges at the one that is farthest away.
Take advantage of the 3x sword drop that deals 6k damage, can be hit twice per sword if you are fast enough. (Only in Normal Mode)

Basteroe (Lantern guy in catacomb):
The shadow mist is the key to beat this boss.
Lure the boss to the shadow mist so you can do 100% damage on him.
He has a fissure skill that pops up on the ground that can triple hit you or more if it collides with you. (Knocking you away and makes you unable to block)
He can spawn two Wraith/minion/servants that deals significant higher damage in Epic mode.
He shakes his lantern once and works like point attack on the person that is farthest away.

Minion skills:
Upon spawning they do an AoE screma attack that does 300 dmg in Normal mode and 2000 in Epic mode. Blockable if you are faced right.
Fireball: Once again if you got the aggro on them, and are at longer distance they will shoot fireball at you. Dealing 1000 dmg in Epic mode
Sickle attack: This is a melee attack which deals 2000 dmg on epic mode. This can be sometimes be a combo where the servant hits twice.

Manelloth (Last boss in catacomb):
Shadow DoT aka Curse is a skill where you should run away from your teammates, it does AoE damage to the person that has this DoT.
Fire AoE aka Firenova: A skill that blast everyone around him, blockable.
Lightning orb: slow moving orbs that does multiple hit when they are hitting you. This also bounces around between players so kite it around if you are being chased by it.
Lightning charge: A skill where he points with his staff to shoot out a lightning that does multiple hits. Blockable and dodgeable.
Protective shield: you should focus on taking down the shield since the boss can regenerate his hp.

Ghost Rider (Night time boss in Hero’s lane)
Teleporting charge: A fire ring will open up and he charges to run over you. Blockable and dodgeable.
Teleport drop: A drop mark will show on the ground where he will teleport and crash/drop down to land on you. Dodgeable.
Fire ring: He creates two fire rings, one fake and one real. Stand inside the ring to prevent yourself from taking damage of his undodgeable fire AoE skill.
Ultimate skill – Chase and Nova: Whoever that is closest to him when he has below 35% hp, will get a debuff mark on his head which means he is targetting you. To avoid this, run away from him while he’s walking slowly to chase you down. If you get caught he will stun you and do a firenova that regenerates his health back back to 40% hp. While fire nova animation he is invincible to all attacks.

Shadiz (2nd wolf boss)

Same as fleetfoot except he can create illusions up to 3 of himself. All of them has the same skills except creating another phantom/illusion and has less hp than the original boss.
Spotlight of Shadiz

Diago (Yeti boss)
Frost Roar: A skill that debuffs you with slow and blows you away from him as you take damage from it.
Stomp: A skill where he charges it up and stomps on the ground which causes AoE to anyone that’s close to him. blockable with Bastion skill.
Hit and slide: His favorite skill when he does 2x Hit and slides around.
Jump attack: He jumps and smashes the ground.
Rock throw: Picks up a rock and throws at you.
Story of Diago and information
Boss screenshot

Extra: hell hound system / Diago darkness mode: Hell hound Diago boss fight

Dark Binder Crassus aka “Beetle queen” (Makot village)

Crassus has 6 skills total and uses them in different moments.

Charging headbutt – yes this is avoidable but can’t see the difference between the normal quick headbutt or the double horn attack, however it is noticeable when he’s charging it for 2-3 seconds.
Headbutt – yes this is the normal attack and it’s unblockable.
Horn attack – this is a normal attack aswell however it hits you two times.
Poison mist distance (purple) – This is a common skill at the beginning of the battle as you may notice his butt will stand up as he’s about to fart out a poisonous gas.
Poison mist close(Green) – This is the opposite version of the previous poison. His head goes up and green particle/sparks will be shining and about to release a close aoe burst attack.
Poison mist Long AoE (Red) – This is when he starts to fly up and will probably instant kill everything at a far distance including short distances. The key here is to gather up to the person with a bubble/shield to gain the access for the protection against his deadliest poison. Whoever that has the shield/bubble, please don’t run away.
Spotlight of Crassus

Tyrant zombie (RitZ Sewers West)

He’s a big fat zombie that reminds us of Tyrant from RE
His weakpoint is the Crawler claw/arm.
Red drum:DoT damage to anyone that’s near him
Purple drum:Slows anyone that’s near him
Yellow drum:Neutral drum, no debuff/boost
Blue drum: DoT that makes your drop EP if you are close to him
Berserk drum: The drummer beats fast and causes him to attack faster and hit harder
Spit/Sneeze: He’s sneezing front of him causing multiple damage upon hit.
Tyrant boss fight

Fungus (Ritz Sewers Center)
Spawning mushrooms: Red= DoT damage, Blue: not identified, Yellow: Slow effect. These DoTs/debuffs are washable in the area by standing at the clear water pool.
Yellow/green water are contains poison or w/e it is.
Punch Lariat (Zangief move from SF): This skill is unblockable but you can run away from him as he is chasing you while spinning.
Falcon punch: This skill is predictable when he is going to punch your face.
Poison spore: A skill which is hard to notice, when the boss is shaking his head and scratches it will cause anyone that’s near him to get damaged.
Pangus boss fight
Boss screenshot

Poluto (Ritz Sewer East) – Flesh boss that acts like a baboon:

Acrobatic boss which does a jump attack and is unblockable but dodgeable.
Vomit attack: He starts to get sick and vomits around him which causes DoT damage. Don’t stand on the green vomit.
Club and Sting: A skill where he slaps you with his claw tentacle and stabs you with his spike tentacle.
Sting Grab:A skill where he rapidly swings with his spike tentacle to grab you and eat you up As he gets sick from chewing on you so he spits you out again.
Poluto boss fight
Boss screenshot

Chimera (Grand wall of Silent):
Claw and scratch:This skill is usually the normal attack which is 2x hit attack. Blockable.
Charge attack: He charges through you, unblockable unless you got Bastion.
Fly mode: He starts to fly
Fireball:Blockable but harder to do that since it comes from above. Dodgeable if you can time it in. This skill works as Riviute, Point and shoot.
Fly charge:Same as diago except he flies and does 2x hit.
Chimera boss fight
Boss screenshot

“Lizard Champion” (Cowen marshes) -aka Spin to win:
Wears two weapons. 2h Sword and Spear.
Spear tornado: he spins around as Mushroom boss, just run away from it.
Spear jump: He jumps upp high and lands down on you with his spear, dodgeable.
Archer spawn:He spawns lizard archers.
Boss screenshot

“Red Spider” (Cowen marshes):
Same as queen teresis except this boss does AoE spider web shot.
And she has a charging skill aiming at one target which is blockable.

“Teddy ogre” (Cowen marshes) – Wearing a teddy bear backpack
Same as Borgo, but has a charging skill.

“Mushroom aka Tentacle boss” (Cowen marshes) – Uses sprout/tentacle skill
Sprout/tentacle: This skill is a linear skill which causes sprouts to grow up from the ground. Dodgeable.
Tornado: A tornado that’s not moving but does damage if you stand near or inside of it. Dodgeable.
Mutant arena: He’s summoning an arena which causes the target to have a penalty DoT if you’re not inside of it. The boss is invurnable which means you can’t hit him while he has that arena. Inside of the arena is a small mutant which needs to be killed or it will explode and deal AoE damage. Make sure that you are not near it when it dies.
Boss screenshot

“Lizard Hound” (Aranbas volcano)
Looks like a dog and a raptor/lizard

“Fire lizard” aka Lebalon (Aranbas volcano)
Fire smash: Each hit is left with a mark on the ground. Be careful because he’s stacking them. Blockable.
Rage smash:After a certain amount of marks on the ground he will start to rage and smash on the ground front of him which is blockable but most effective way is to stand behind his tail or move away. As the marks on the ground will erupt with lava/fire.
Don’t stand on the marks.
Eruption scream:When his hp is low he learns a new skill which is one of the coolest of them all. Eruption scream will create marks around him and do AoE volcano eruptions. The trick here is that he will be vurnable while screaming, so stand close to him and attack while he’s busy with screaming.
Boss screenshot

“Fire golem” (Aranbas volcano)
A lot of defense

Cerebus (Aranbas volcano?)
Fireball skill or breath.
Boss screenshot

“Turtle” (n/a) – Event boss in Alpha
Jump attack

Guardian Neipus(Single boss)
Spinning axe:This skill is like the other spin skills, just run away from it.
Two hit swing: A common attack
Charging strike: He glows red and does a frontal smash/strike.
Guardian Neipus boss fight
Boss screenshot

Arek aka “mouth dragon” (Aranbas volcano) – Event boss in Alpha
Fire breath
Chew attack.
Boss screenshot

“Monastery Director Nator aka “Black winged Angel”(Monastery instance @ Riode)

Evasive strike: Swings with his/her staff/spear and dodges back.
Links of light: Same skill as cleric, DoT damage upon hit but blockable
Fly mode: Able to fly. Gaining immortality to all attacks for a certain period
Fly mode spear throw: Throws her spear down to opponent and knocks them down
Despair: Cast fear to one target and does an AoE attack.
Circle of Punishment: A circle AoE on the ground just like Cleric’s skill
Boss fight
Monastery Director Nator screenshot

“Zygniv” (Riode/instance)
He’s a giant
Stomp: Stomps once or twice(walks forward)
4 Step Stomp: Charging skill that stomps and walks forward 4 times
Hulk Smash!:A charging skill which is a frontal hulk smash to the ground.
Zygniv boss fight
Boss screenshot

Yillis, Water Elementalist(Riode)
Water ball:A waterball that damages anything that goes front of it.
AoE Water splash: AoE splash damage
Freezing skill: Freezes you like the sorcerer skill
Yillis boss fight
Boss screenshot

“Water gecko/lizard” (n/a)
Might be a chameleon

“Saint merinshya” (Boss duo with Guardian neipus)
Teleporting skill: Teleport and strikes the ground
Psychic ball: A flying ranged orb
Barrier/Shield: Just like Manelloth except it’s white.
Summon guardian neipris aka Butcher: Below 60% hp she will call him for a duo boss fight.
Saint boss fight

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