Pockie Pirates Optimize Gold Use and Liveliness Gains Guide

Pockie Pirates Optimize Gold Use and Liveliness Gains Guide by bundz


This guide is meant for people who DO buy gold (thought I suppose you can make use of it with your starting gold as well, but not for very long). The idea is to give you some basic tips on where to spend/not spend your gold. So, let us begin.

VIP level bonuses and you
I have been asked a few questions in game and here that warrant putting this up in the guide.
The VIP rewards you can obtain by various levels are mostly welcome additions, but there are some traps there as well.
What you should take:
– Additional training spots (the fee is 1-time, one of the better ways to spend your top-up gold)
– Additional enhancement queue
What you should NOT use:
– Gold to reach 100% success rate on upgrades – this is a trap. This takes your gold for EVERY SINGLE TRY! Do not use this.
1. The additional queue that you have for upgrades as VIP is best used as follows:
2. Decide on a day where you want to upgrade equips, write down what you need upgraded (seriously, you’ll forget).
3. Make point in upgrading the highest level “S” “A” equips that are also the most expensive on that day
4. Save up all your silver from they day before and the day in question.
5. Check your enhancement queue – success rate below 99-100% ? Wait till it resets (think it’s every 30 min).
6. When you are satisfied with the percentage you see – upgrade to the limit in both queues.
7. Repeat until all your silver is spent / equipment is upgraded.

While there are many places to spend high amounts of gold in the game, on many of those the return is very poor. If you would like to maximize your daily grind you should consider the following:
– tax the harbor 5 times / day (2/4/6/8/10 = 30g/day) – taxing harbor provides you with the highest gold/silver at this time. Doing this 5 times counts towards your liveliness which we will cover later.
– buy vitality 2 times (2x 20g = 40g)
– Once you are able to clear the whole dungeon I highly recommend you spend the 50g/day to repeat it. Make sure you use your own notepad, or one of the guides on the forums to switch your tactics in order to maximize the effectiveness and chances for 3 stars. Once you mastered the dungeon (60/60 on each try) that’s where the additional 50g starts to make a real difference. Do not spend your gold on card draws here! You will have so many chances to get those scrolls, don’t waste it.

At this point a question arises – do you want to get 150 liveliness as well? If you do, you are 3 gold spends away (2 if you repeat the 60 dungeon) – and that gold is best spent on either:
– Changing your card draws on a perfect completion elite quest dungeon (where you can draw high level rings) – 20g /try
– Attempting to deal the killing blow / go into top10 of Whitebeard event – 5g/try (imho a more efficient way of spending it, just stick to the number you need for overall 10, don’t get dragged into “just 1 more gold spend and I’ll be #10” – it’s not worth it).

Confusions proposed a strategy to minimize gold expenditure while maintaining 150 liveliness even further:
“Note: a Cheap way to maintain 150 liveliness spending gold 10 times Requires Tax:5. Then speed up anything with a cost of 1gold. Sure gaining that 1minute on your aptitude skill actually holds no value and you lose 5gold a day. You could also refresh on Whitebeard as a cheap 25gold drop with benefit. But its better to spend 35gold each day(once level 60) and maintain it for liveliness than to Spend ~55, 130, or higher if you don’t actually want the second dungeon run, or the upgrade, vit etc.”
Mind you, as he stated it’s not optimal, it’s meant when you’re low on gold and can still get to 150 liveliness. I might as well use the “1gold” trick when I’m at 8/10, when I can’t wait up for Whitebeard or nothing else comes up. I thought it was worth putting up here.


– on SS shadows, various sources claim this is not completed yet, and also absolutely not worth it before like lvl 70-80.
– on call-ups (either use the 30g one, or get VIP status and use the free daily ones).
– on draw re-tries in general (but especially in dungeons)
– Warship upgrades
– Underwater treasure hunting
– Arena additional tries (unless you’re in top10 or close to it, but then it’s up to you)
– Changing skills on your “B”/”A” level crew, especially before 70.
– Warship upgrades

Now this all might sound like I was just unlucky with the RNG, but it’s not that. As an example, take the dungeon. You will be tempted to use gold to re-try for that scroll… but think like this: 1 try = 20g. 2 tries = 40g. Instead you reset the dungeon for 50g, get 3 tries (40%/100%/perf. completion), and exp, and mats…. need I go on?

I highly recommend getting the 150 liveliness when you can. The 1mil gold you gain offsets the need to spend 800k on your warship, and all it comes down to in the end is aptitude upgrades. Here’s some helpful tips:

– Always store your excess ropes, only use 5/day and keep the rest. Make sure you always have enough for the next day.
– Make sure you upgrade items 30 times. If the cost of the gear you wear becomes too much – hold on to some low blue items. Upgrade them, then transfer that upgrade once you get a new item that you can use – saves you silver and checks off that liveliness requirement.
– APTITUDE upgrades are the hardest to get after a while, as the timer increases dramatically. Consider that the time an upgrade needs is based not only on it’s cost, but also on it’s level (as in if it unlocked at lvl 1, 40 or 60..etc.) When you have 9 upgrades done for the day – pick the one that you know will take very long. It doesn’t matter since it’s the 10th time, and you can use the lower cooldown one tomorrow.
I cannot stress this enough. Plan for your aptitude upgrades since lvl1! The longer you can hold on to doing 10/day, the longer you can hold on to 150 liveliness. Don’t blindly increase those skills, at lower levels each upgrade might look like much, but you can survive just as well without it for a day or 2 days. The potential gain is millions of silver, and I wish someone had told me of that when I started ;)
Hope this helps you guys a bit. See you on the Grand Line.

PS: This is a work in progress, I am constantly adding to it as I play. Information in this guide has been composed from my playing experience (with credit and quotes else-wise), it’s subject to my playing preference and made so you get the best boost out of whatever little gold you can buy, not meant for those who can afford everything anyway.

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