Pockie Pirates Sniper Guide

Pockie Pirates Sniper Guide by Xerept

CREDITS GO TO BUTAW for giving me all the data and information.

Hey guys, this is just a quick Sniper guide


Sniper are meant as a PHYSICAL DPS, yes they can take some damage since they can also damage, however their main role has to be a DPS type. Sniper have high Physical Attack and High Speed/Dodge, their Hit and Crit may be low.

2.) Attribute

Attribute to Focus On for Sniper :
~Strength       : HIGH priority
~Intellegence  : Average priority
~Physique       :  Average priority
~Agility            : HIGH priority

However, according to one of my top guildies, (rank 2 in the server) he himself focuses on the overall gain/loss of your stats, so prioritizing stats may be irrelevant, all you want is a general INCREASE in stats. For example, even if you lose 2 agi and 2 str but gain 5 intel and Physique, you should definitely replace.


Active Skills:

For a Sniper, if he is your protagonist (your Main Character) You Definitely want Shadow Pounce as an active skill. You can gain ONLY AFTER level 40, so don’t reset your skill until then.

As for pre-40, it really doesn’t matter what skill you have however Finger Pistol or Rapid Shot will suffice.

Passive Skills:

1.)Fast Chase – There’s a certain odd of launching one extra normal attack to next target after killing one enemy. Skill release rate increases with Skill Level.
2.)Moonwalk – Continuously raise Dodge. The effect increases with Skill Level. Next normal attack deals double damage every two turns.
3.)(Optional) Blood Surge: Raises attack when debuff occurs. The attack is related with Skill Level.

As a Sniper you want BOTH Fast Chase AND Moonwalk, however you could also use blood surge or any other passive skill for awhile but definitely keep these skills when you get it.

4.) Equipment and Enhancement

Definitely, slap a ring on your Sniper ASAP, when you are enhancing, I recommend in priority upgrading: Helmet (HP) > Ring (HP) > Weapon > Boots > Armors

*Note* Do not spend all your money on your Helmet and Ring, upgrades for your Weapon and Boots are also important. At first try to prioritize Helmet and Rings to get 3star completions as you level up but your weapon and your speed is also important.

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