Pockie Pirates Newbie FAQ

Pockie Pirates Newbie FAQ by ntallgeese

Main Character Profile:

1. What is prestige for?
1.) Prestige is used in [Aptitude] tab when training entire crew stat skills and in [Develop] tab when raising the stats of a individual crew member.

2. What is bounty for?
2.) After each server reset an icon called bounty reward will appear. You can only collect this ONCE a day. Bounty reward will grant you silver equal to your current bounty at the time you collect it.

3. What is vitality for?
3.) One vitality is used each time you enter into a NPC battle located at the right end of each town. [Dungeons] and [Trial] use no Vitality. Regen rate of vitality is 30 minutes for 1 vitality.

4. What is the difference between East and West Affiliation.
4.) Currently there is no difference between either side. This only determines the legions you will be able to join later on.

5. Can I delete my Character?
5. NO YOU CAN NOT! Either join a different server to start over or make a new account.

6. How Do I get a Shadow “pet”?
6.) Once Shadow shop has been unlocked obtain any S rank shadow and place it in the first shadow slot of your main protagonist (level 40 slot). Depending on the shadow placed a colored floating shadow will appear and float around your character but be aware this provides NO ADDED BONUS and is only a visual effect.

7. How do I get aptitude skill?
7. Aptitude skills are ONLY for your main character. Once he/she reaches level 40 reset your current active skill for 50gold. There is only a CHANCE (15%-20%) that you will receive the aptitude skill so its up to you to determine how much you really want the skill.


1. Where do I recruit new crew members?
1.) Each city has a NPC named Bar Owner with a recruit symbol above her head. Talk to the NPC and click recruitment to enter the bar system.

2. What is the Maximum amount of crew that can be recruited?
Level 15 – Max of 3 crew members
Level 25 – Max of 4 crew members
Level 35 – Max of 5 crew members
Level 40 – Max of 6 crew members
Level 50 – Max of 7 crew members
Level 60 – Max of 8 crew members
Level 70 – Max of 9 crew members
(borrowed from destiny’s guide)

3. What is the maximum amount of crew that can be used in battle?
3.) Currently the max that can be used in battle at any one time is 5. May possibly change at a later date.

4. How Do I fire crew?
4.) Go to crew and click the crew you want to get rid of. A fire button will appear at the bottom which you must click after. MUST REMOVE ALL EQUIPMENT AND SHADOWS AND PIRATE CAN NOT BE IN TRAINING!

5. Which Pirate is better X or X, this one or that one?
5.) Seriously stop asking this question idiots!!! While some pirates DO have a similar/stronger version, most don’t and as such are unique. No one has a 100% perfect build to win every time so don’t be afraid to experiment and find out what works best for you.

6. Whats the best class or what skills should I get?
6.) NO such thing as a best class SO STOP ASKING! As for skills, while some skills ARE better than others its really up to you to decide what’s useful to your team so be creative and experiment. If you don’t like a skill than pay the 50gold and replace it.


1. How do I get buggy!!!! or other Infamous crew?
1.) Probably the stupidest question of them all and also happens to be asked the most frequently. THERE IS NO SPECIAL WAY TO GET ANY INFAMOUS CREW! It’s based on chance/luck nothing else.

2. What’s the difference between the convenes.
2.) To give you guys an idea of how likely you are to recruit I’ve added percentages based on MY OWN PERSONAL OBSERVATIONS.

Normal convene – 30,000 silver
B rank = 96%
A rank = 3%
S/SS rank = 1%

Advanced convene – 50 gold
B rank = 77.5%
A rank = 15%
S/SS rank = 7.5%

Super convene – 500 gold
B rank = 25%
A rank = 60%
S/SS rank = 15%

3. How do I use my free try.
3.) When you go to the bar use the advanced convene option and your free try will be used instead of gold. Remember it’s one free try a day, it does NOT stack, and you can obtain more if you are VIP.


1. How do shards work?
1.) You must obtain the required number or shards, listed by the item’s name, to complete the item allowing you to equip it. (rank and shards required) A = 2, S = 5 , SS = 20

2. Where do I find shards?
2.) Team battle, Trade boat, and Elite maps all drop shards. Be aware that each system drops its own specific set of equipment shards which are usually not found in the other systems, so expect to grind hard to complete certain items. .

2. What is the purpose of Heart of … item , Thunder Jade, Emerald, Mermaid tears.
2.) These are all materials used in creating god set items. Find the recipes for these sets in the dungeon system unlocked after Sanji’s quest at around level 40.

3. How do I buy items?
3.) Generic B items can be bought on any island from the NPC Shop owner with the words Mall over him.

3. How do I use/sell/display items?
3.) Try left clicking the item while it’s in your inventory stupid.

4. How do I sell items with shells inside of them?
4.) Go to embed, find and click the item you want to sell, click the embedded shells to remove them.

5. How do I use Training potions/do speedy training?
5.) This was COVERED in the tutorial but newbs still ask this. Go to crew, go to train tab, select anyone but protagonist, start training for 2 hours or more, lastly click new option that appears to do speedy training which uses 1 training potion per use.

6. How do I get rings?
6.) Card flip from Perfect completion or plunder from trade boat system are the ONLY WAYS!


1. How do I get silver?
1.) By doing Quest, selling old items, ranking high in arena, collecting bounty, collecting from workers, collecting from fishing, collecting silver cards from liveliness, doing Whitebeard/OPB/Legion online event.

2. How do I get gold?
2.) Buy it with real money (charge is right under the start game button) or win it randomly from flipping cards, completing trials, collecting daily log in prize.

Online events:

1. How do the events work?
1.) Read destiny’s guide for a good description of how each one works.

2. What are the prizes for the different ranks in Whitebeard.
2.) Prize for first place is 1 million silver and -100k for each rank under that. The killer of Whitebeard also gets 1 million silver.


1. How do I unlock underwater shipwreck/Relics in Underwater Treasure section.
1.) These are only unlocked by becoming a V.I.P member. Read here:

2. How do I get new Ships? (submitted my Newworldluffy)
2.) Upgrading your current ship to 5 stars will unlock the next ship in line. This also unlocks new formation slots.

3. Who are the people with [Instructor] in their name?
3.) These are official game helpers who keep the peace, answer questions, and have direct contact with the GM’s. They also have the power to mute players. For the record, being muted three times will get you banned.

4. What is the official language?
4.) English is the official language for all servers and speaking anything else in world chat will get you muted.

5. Is there a trade system?
5.) No there is no way to trade anything in the game.

Chapter 2 Update

1. What does the update do?
1.)  Adds logbook which has the Transform and Rehire features.

1A. Transform allows you to change the icon of your main character into any infamous pirate you have already recruited for 1 transform card or 10gold. Currently only works outside of battle.

1B. Rehire lets you add back any Infamous Pirate you have previously fired. Cost 10G to rehire.

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