Pockie Pirates Lv 40 Skills and A/S Grade Crew Guide

Pockie Pirates Lv 40 Skills and A/S Grade Crew Guide by Ezchariotz

hello everyone this is my first guide so, i dont have a courage to say this is 100% succeed but im sure 90% this will do

How to obtain lvl 40 skills and to A/S/SS crew with cheapest way!?

i’m very upset when my first character 2nd and 3th for each server can’t get the 40 skills. so, i try  to get a method on 4th-6th server and I get the skill with A/S crew with first and second try

well, this is my guidence step

first of all, get your main character do quest until you can set sail to syrup village, but dont take the quest from Usop just take the reward quest from him.
2nd do your side quest until your main character reach lvl 40 with below 5% exp.
3th reset your active skill and enchance your passive skill until one remaining point.
4th look your luck from enhance gear display, if your luck 99% or 100% then that is the time your highest luck
5th if you have one free tries advance call up then use it “after you call up twice from convene store”(low call)
6th if you get the A crew or S crew then click discover skill right away before your luck decrease
7th enjoy your providential

this step i do with 3 server and get lvl40 skill with buggy, gin and jango

so that my guidence step, good luck!!

(ps: -make sure have 1 slot for crew member (exm:5/6)
– make sure have 1 slot or 2 slot for training slot (exm:0/2)
-make sure your main character exp below 5%)

for A/S crew i would share some another way to get it,, for the first time I thought it is just pure luck,, but it work for 3 server and it work thrice,,
this is what it is :
first make sure you had a free tries adv call-up or gold (min 200)
then go to elite campaign to hunt A equip shards,,
the condition are when you  get the A shard (whatever it is helm or wepon, etc) which is continued thrice or quadruple then,, that is the time when you talk to bar lady

i had recruit wapol, krieg, and kuroobi
Good Luck !!

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