Pockie Pirates Swordsman Basic Guide

Pockie Pirates Swordsman Basic Guide by Xerept

Swordsmen are meant as a PHYSICAL tanker, yes they can still do DPS, however their main role has to be a tanker. Swordsmen have high Health and High Physical defense but only a moderate amount of Magical Defense.

2.) Attribute
Attribute to Focus On for Swordsman :      ~Strength       : HIGH priority
~Intellegence  : low priority
~Physique       : HIGHEST priority
~Agility            : medium priority


Active Skills:
For a Swordsman, if he is your protagonist (your Main Character) You Definitely want Endless Sky as an active skill. You can gain ONLY AFTER level 40, so don’t reset your skill until then.
As for pre-40, it really doesn’t matter what skill you have however I personally liked Gale or Great Shield.
(Side note: i HIGHLY recommend you DO NOT get a blue/B-rank swordsman, when you start off you have Renee as a Swordsman and/or yourself as well which should be adequate. Only recruit A-rank (purple) or S-rank (orange) Swordsman if you get the chance.)

Passive Skills:


1.)Mirror Soul – Reflects 30% Damage upon being hit. Damage increases 10% per skill level
2.)Stout – Increases Defense by 2%. Defense Increases 2% per skill level
3.)(Optional) Grand Power – Increases Defense by 400. Proc Rate increases per skill level

As a Swordsman, you HAVE to get Mirror Soul as one of your passive skill. It gives you the true damage that a swordsman dishes out. At it’s max level, Mirror Soul does 130% reflect damage, however it isnt a 100% proc rate.

For your second skill, you want either Stout or Grand Power. Stout gets increasingly better than Grand Power as you level up but, if you are short on gold you can live with either skill as a Second passive. However do note that Stout is better than Grand Power

4.) Equipment and Enhancement
Definitely, slap a ring on your Swordsman ASAP, when you are enhancing, I recommend in priority upgrading:
Helmet (HP) > Ring (HP) > Chest Armor (Phys Def) > Cloak (Mag Def)
*Note* Do not spend all your money on your Helmet and Ring, upgrades for Chest Armor and Cloak are very inexpensive and you can eventually upgrade your  armor 4 times through the cost of one Helm/Ring upgrade. To be honest, you can probably just max out your armor upgrades per level O.o (Comments anyone?)

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