PlanetSide 2 Infiltrator Guide

PlanetSide 2 Infiltrator Guide by MrMurdok

I would like to begin by saying I’m no pro, just an avarage player who would like to make this guide for any beginners on their first steps on Planetside 2.

So you’ve decided to pick the Infiltrator as your class in PS2, you jump through the warpgate, all pumped up and ready to take on the world with your rifle and cloak, here are some tips I’ve been able to gather to make sure you won’t become just ‘another sniper’ in this massive war game.

1. You are a SUPPORT class. Your role is provide long range intel/anti-infantry/high-priority attacks OR infiltration to an enemy base.
2. Sitting on top of a hill somewhere, waiting for a target to show up isn’t doing you or anyone any good
3. Lone-Wolfing will not cut it. In order for you to be combat effective, you will need to follow your role and SUPPORT your team

During Beta, there was much hate for the Infiltrators becasuse most of them did the exact opposite of the three things I mentioned above, making them a sort of useless class. Let’s go ahead and change that.

Basic Facts
– Your cloak lasts 12 seconds and takes 6 seconds to recharge. (Activated with ‘F’ by default)
-You cannot fire anything while cloaked.
-You can, however, aim down the sights of your weapons, hence, using your sniper scope, while cloaked.
-While zoomed in, hit ‘Shift’ to hold your breath and stop the rifle sway for a few moments. It should be noted that this only works with the Sniper Rife.
-Your third weapon is the Sensor Dart, firing it will allow you to detect enemies within a certain radius of the dart’s impact for a limited duration.
-At long distances, bullets begin to lose atlitude. This is known as ‘bullet drop’ and you will need to compensate for that in order to make long range kills.
-You can hack enemy terminals (making them your empire’s) and enemy generators (causing them to explode after some time)

On the Battlefield
As I stated earlier, as a lone wolf, your impact on the overall game will be minor, if at all, hence, I would suggets joining up with a squad of your buddies, or joining up with an outfit for really big organized attacks. However, these tips apply for both squad members and lone wolves.

1. Situational Awareness: Always know where you (and your squad) are in relation to the enemy forces by using the continent map and the minimap, knowing this will help you choose the best cover before the battle starts. Trust me, hiding behind that huge rock won’t do you any good if the enemy is actually flanking.

2. Location, Location, Location- Always be on the lookout for any vantage points. You are the most effective if you can overlook the enemy forces, your vantage point must also have cover, because the bad guys won’t just let you pick them off, they will open up on you on the first chance they get. Learn how to balance between the overlooking factor and the cover factor while picking your vantage point. Prefer ones with muliple firing options, because once the enemy fires back, you’re going to want to be able to cloak and hit them from another way.

3. Keep Your Distance- Fun fact about online gamers- THEY HATE SNIPERS. Maybe it’s the big gun, or the stealth suit, I don’t know, but if you walk around with your squad and get sighted in, trust me, the first hail of bullets is coming your way and while Light and Heavy Assault classes can either tank damage with their shield or just fly away, you’ll drop down, looking very much like Swiss cheese. Walk with some distance from your squad members, the enemy will rather sight in a group and use the old Spray-and-Pray tactic than take crack shots at some guy walking alone. Once the shooting starts, or if you were able to spot them before they noticed you and your buddies, cloak and run to the nearest vantage point you scouted earlier (because you paid attention) and take the first shot.

4. Prioritize Targets: You are given a long range gun to be able to think and decide what to shoot at. As the offensive support class, it’s our job to keep our defensive support units alive and kill the enemy support units. Enemy Infiltrators should be your first target, they will try to kill your support units and they will try to kill you. Find them and kill them first. Medics and Engineers (if there are tanks involved) come next. Once you’ve downed all of the enemy support units, you can help your friends finish off the enemy Light and Heavy Assaults.

-Regarding enemy MAX units, it would be better for you to kill the Engineer healing the MAX instead of shooting the MAX itself. These guys are your last priority target.

5. Flanking- If you couldn’t find any good vantage point or was engaged in an area where none existed, you can always cloak and hit the enemy from an unexpected angle, like their side or rear. Note that when you fire your gun, unless it has a silencer on it, you will appear as a red blip on the minimap, so it is suggested to shoot, cloak, change your position, decloak and shoot again. Rinse and repeat.

Attacking A Base

While attacking outposts, it would be better for you to keep you distance and just snipe enemy forces as they crawl out of the woodwork, outposts are fairly small in size and are full of cover so don’t expect too many kills.

The fun really starts at attacking large bases and bio labs as this is a moment where you need to make a choice- you can either stay at distance and engage enemy Infiltrators and Heavy Assaults who are taking perimiter defense and shooting at your guys, or you could live up to your name and infiltrate the base.

Inside a base, you will need to use/remember several things:

1. You’re not John Rambo- Your job is to sabotage the enemy defenses, not kill every single soldier in the base with your bare hands and a toothbrush. Avoid enemy contact, stay hidden and use your cloak for short intervals while running from cover to cover.

2. Concider getting a Scout Rifle- They are not as effective as the other class’ bullet hoses, but they will do a better job at these ranges than a sniper rifle. You can hack an infantry terminal (marked with a gun) and use it to resupply yourself with a scout rifle (if you purchased one).

3. Claymores- when you hack a terminal or sabotage a generator, the enemy knows about it and they will come to fix your doing and of course, kill you. Planting a claymore at the doorway and waiting for them while cloaked will make it much easier for you to kill them. You can even plant the claymore and move on to your next target if you’re not that keen on killing them.

4. Sensor Dart- Want to go into that room but you’re not too sure about enemy presence? Simply fire off a sensor dart into the room and you’ll quickly learn how many of them are in there and where they are exactly in the room.

5.The AMS Sunderer- The AMS is a utility system that can be purchsed for the Sunderer vehicle, that when deployed (by pressing ‘B’ while driving the Sunderer) will turn it into a stationary spawn point for your empire until it is destroyed. When you’re inside the enemy base, you can try to reach their vehicle bay, hack a terninal, spawn an AMS Sunderer and deploy it, allowing your forces to attack the base from within.

Briefly covering Base Defense, just find a good vantage point and engage the enemy support units, then the assault units. Concider switching class/main weapon if they are already inside the outpost/base as you are not effective at these ranges.

I will not touch the issues of the Decoy/EMP grenades because I never had the chance to use them.

Hopefully, this long post will be able to turn some so called ‘snipers’ from their wrong ways and make them productive members of their factions/squads. I do hope all of you new guys will have a lot of fun, and if any of you happen to playing as NC or Vanu on the Euro servers and see someone peaking at you between two rocks up in the distance, that might be me, saying hello with a high powered rifle.

Hope you enjoyed-
Mr. Murdoc

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