PlanetSide 2 TR LMGs Guide

PlanetSide 2 Terran Republic LMGs Guide by Xiphos

I made this guide based on PS2 weapon data sheet since the in-game information on weapons is incomplete and inaccurate. All information here is based on hard numbers extracted from game files and should be accurate for the release version of the game. Since the TR LMGs have similar stats for the most part, I have highlighted the important areas where they differ from each other. I also only list the non-standard attachment options. Note that the exact benefit of the Compensator, Soft Point Ammo and High Velocity Ammo are not known at the moment.

The default TR LMG and a solid weapon. It does high damage per second. Its clip size is large but it reloads slowly. In all other aspects it is average.

Special attachments: Flash Suppressor.
DPS: 1787
Clip size: 100
Bullet speed: 600
Cost: free

Like the CARV but with much better attachment options at the cost of slightly increased vertical recoil ) and lower rate of fire. In my opinion the attachment options more than make up for the drawbacks over the regular CARV.

Special attachments: Soft Point Ammo, High Velocity Ammo, Flash Suppressor, Compensator, 6x scope, 2x reflex sight, Extended Magazine.
DPS: 1663
Clip size: 100
Bullet speed: 620
Cost: 1000 certs

This one is for close quarters combat. It does high damage per second, hip shots while moving or standing are more accurate, and aimed shots while moving are slightly more accurate as well. It has the second lowest vertical recoil and uneven horizontal recoil that will move your crosshair to the right.

Attachments: Soft Point Ammo, Flash Suppressor
DPS: 1787
Clip size: 50
Bullet speed: 580
Cost: 100 certs

The T16 has the lowest vertical recoil which makes it easier to stay accurate during prolonged bursts. It also has a large clip like the CARV and CARV-s, but reloads noticably faster. As the description suggests, it’s good for providing suppression fire to your squad from afar.

Attachments: High Velocity Ammo, Flash Suppressor, Extended Magazine.
DPS: 1537
Clip size: 100
Bullet speed: 645
Cost: 250 certs

As long as you’re not moving, the TMG-50 gives you significantly more accurate aimed shots compared to the other LMGs. It is no more accurate than the other LMGs when firing from the hip though. The damage per shot is slightly higher, the rate of fire is lower and it is tied with the CARV-S for the highest vertical recoil. This weapon is clearly designed for eliminating targets at long range with short bursts.

Attachments: High Velocity Ammo, Compensator, 6x scope, 2x reflex sight
DPS: 1589
Clip size: 75
Bullet speed: 615
Cost: 500 certs

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