PlanetSide 2 Infiltrator Close Combat Tips

PlanetSide 2 Infiltrator Close Combat Tips by Rune

Some tips that helped me a lot during beta when playing close combat infiltrator for any new players considering this playstyle. If I miss anything or you feel I am wrong on certan things feel free to add / correct me.

– If you rely to much on cloak you will be killed. Use it as a supplement to staying out of line of sight as an added insurance.
– Unless you are sniping you need to stay mobile. If you are constantly moving no one can sneak up on you, and you have a higher chance to sneak up on others.
– The faster you move the more easy you are to spot. if you crouch while being immobile you are almost invisible.
– Move from hiding spot to hiding spot if you can. Bushes for instance are excellent places to recharge your cloak even if there are enemies all around you.
– If your enemy is standing still and oblivious to you approaching then stab him with your knife, no need to waste precious ammo when you don’t have to. And nothing beats a knife kill.
– Do not cloak if you don’t have to, the sound of the cloak activating / deactivating will alert any experienced opponents to your presence.
– Always try and hack a nearby terminal before you run out of ammo.
– Hack turrets if you feel safe, they can be used against the enemy.
– Consider picking up the Advanced Mobile Station cert for the sunderer if there are no hackable terminals in the base you are assaulting.

I didn’t like to snipe much so if you are like me then you want to get Scout Rifles as your primary weapon asap.

– Artemis automatic Scout Rifle is deadly in medium and close range, together with cloaking makes it great for hit and run strategies inside enemy bases or along front lines. Limited ammo however makes you rely a lot on either engineers or a nearby hacked terminal to get a decent kill streak. I found a reflex sight with laser and silencer works great on this rifle. If you are going front line fighter with this gun consider picking up the hunter cloak since you will be taking fire. About half the magazine is needed to kill if you hit perfectly. At midrange expect to empty your magazine and finish off enemies with your sidearm.
– Nyx semi automatic Scout Rifle can also be good in close combat, but you need to be very close for it to be very effective. If you do get close however it rips apart your enemy. It is also great at long range with a 6x scope making it a great all round rifle for a lot of flexibility. It always hits dead center when aiming down sights. Also got a laser attachment for this rifle in case someone would catch me when I was in a bad spot. This rifle behaves a lot like a shotgun with slugs. Not very good in medium range with a 6x scope tho.

As an infiltrator you will usually be inside enemy territory wo much support so make sure you get regen stims universal certifications and maybe even the ammo belt instead of the nanite armor. This is a toss up tho since the nanite armor WILL save you a lot.

Hacking upgrade is very handy, standing still with your back to the doorway when hacking is quite dangerous so limit that time by going for this cert line.

All in all Infiltrator the close combat way makes for exiting and fast paced gameplay. Not for the faint of heart, but the rewards can be great if you pull it off.

And lastly: Do not linger, and do not be indecisive. And always have fun!

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