PlanetSide 2 Infantry Tips

PlanetSide 2 Infantry Tips by MEGA_tweed

Here are 5 tips to help an infantry player, and this is coming from someone who played about a week of beta, since the 5 tips I saw “officially posted” as I was downloading the client were….jokes and not really tips at all.

1: Read carefully all of the upgrades for your weapons and suit and ability and grenades, before you begin spending your certifications on them. The first weapon upgrade I recommend is the grip, because if you can’t aim your weapon while spraying the trigger, you won’t do any damage.

2: Choose your class depending on what situation you will be attacking or defending. If you are attacking, you may want to fly over walls undetected as a light assault trooper with a jetpack, and as long as you are inside a building, a shotgun is very powerful in close quarter combat and requires much less aiming effort. Also, do not expect to accomplish much of anything on your own, always follow a group or ask fellow faction members to accompany you on a mission, it is a largely team based strategy game, not just individual skill like call of duty. If you are defending, it may be wise to change class rapidly, such as sniping enemies you can see far away, then going back to the class terminal computer, switching to engineer to repair turrets and max suits nearby, then going back to the class terminal computer, switching to medic to heal yourself and teammates, then going back and switching again finally to a heavy assault, so that you can fire rockets at the sunderer now deployed outside the fort you are defending, since its spawning attackers at your location and is a major top priority threat.

3: Just because you are bored, does not mean you should run around aimlessly looking for enemies, sometimes the best thing to do is just familiarize your nearest surroundings, and hold down that proximity, this will give you about a half-second head start on attacking enemies, that should not be in the area, if you are the one running, and not ready to fire, then you will probably get gunned down not knowing where the enemy charlie(gunfire) came from. HOWEVER, If you are shot while you are near cover, but not protected by it, it is wise to hold sprint down, and run to cover before looking for what shot you, keeping a full shield recharged is essential to survival, as 1 or 2 well placed head shots will take out your health completely. If you get shot once, and stand still or strafe while browsing your circumference view, or jump in the air looking for the target, you will not survive long enough to find it, let alone aim and shoot back at it. ( jumping may work in close quarter combat, but it is easy to read your momentum while your in mid-air because you cannot change direction, so you will be gunned down or sniped)

4: Standing close to the capture points, seems to make them convert faster than standing outside of the fort, and relying on your teammates to capture, though both give you bonuses.

5: Communication is key, if you see a squadron of tanks coming over the hill, announce to your team that you need air support, tank support, turret gunners, max’s or heavy assault rockets or else expect, an onslaught of persistent spawn camping and frustration as you are overrun by the enemy. Again, Sunderers, while you are attacking or defending, create mobile spawn points when deployed, these can produce dozens of infantry within seconds, and are TOP PRIORITY for invading a facilitiy. So if you see an enemy sunderer, announce it to your nearby region of teammates, as well as your squad, because it will probably mean more support than you alone can handle.

More Infantry Tips by anaverageguy

1: Looking both ways before crossing the road
Always a good idea.. it should be noted however that if your sound’s on, you can hear any vehicle coming and that you can see vehicles on your map. If it gets annoying to look left and right before crossing all the time, just look on the map. Do take caution though as tank columns (or tank spam.. often differentiable through lack of organized movement) are common and many drivers will run you over without a second thought after the tenth guy walks in front of their tank.

2: Grenades
I think everyone knows this… but an additional note would be that just lobbing it randomly may end up getting you a multi kill on FRIENDLIES. Allies can potentially be anywhere around you in this game, and a single careless grenade can ruin a lot. Please take care.

3: Sunderer and Galaxies
It’s definitely a good idea to get in these if you’d rather not hump it to the next fight (which is sometimes the better option, I might add. Depends.). HOWEVER, please understand that there is a point when you need to get out. Galaxy pilots are especially prone to locking everyone out of the plane [because they’re tired of people not dropping when they should], dropping you guys without warning from on-high, potentially into crossfire, the middle of nowhere, or even right onto enemy tanks. Take caution when getting in a stranger’s vehicle.

4: Medics
If there’s a helpful medic trying to heal you, yeah. Standing still. On the other hand, if you’re a medic chasing a guy that is obviously not interested in being healed, don’t put yourself at unnecessary risk by chasing him into a firefight.
Beginners should also note that there is the option to cert into health restoration items, though you’ll be taking those in trade for something else, like C4. You may want to consider them if you’re going somewhere without a medic (or somewhere where the medic’s more interested in shooting his own gun, as is often seen).

5: Infiltrator cloak
Yes, there’s a sound. If there’s a firefight going on, you may miss it, but it’s very distinct. If you suspect that there is a sniper around, however. DO NOT STAND STILL LISTENING. If they carry a bolt-action, they can headshot you for a one-hit-kill the moment they remove their cloak, only to cloak again. I have personally eliminated a small group before in this fashion, medic included.. from right next to them.

This last one is of my own making.. You can hit “v” (default) for chat macros. If you do something stupid and kill an ally by accident, I highly recommend saying sorry before that guy comes back to kill you or blow up your vehicle in return.

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