PlanetSide 2 TR Infiltrator Guide

PlanetSide 2 TR Infiltrator Guide by Shaggit

Buckle down soldier! We got a lot of **** to cover today! So you want to sit on your **** far from the respective engagements of this war and blow some heads off like Gallagher would a watermelon?! Well you CAN’T, or better yet SHOULDN’T! This here thread should help you make some informed decisions. Decisions that will bring in the certs without necessarily showcasing the best Kill/Death ratio. Let’s get started:

Who in Sam Hill am I and just who in the hell is Sam Hill anyway?

My name is Shaggit. I am based on the Waterson Server and currently run with the Angry Joe Army. Friend me if you want. I am hardly a pro but am a lifetime gamer who will be sticking around and could always use more friends.

Why that dang Infiltrator class and not something else?

This is really due to perceived class shortages in the Angry Army squad/platoon. In all games I have always preferred the rarest or least represented of classes to specialize in. I like being useful and thusly kind of fell into the role. So while I do quite enjoy the jetpacking of the Light Assault or the versatility of the Heavy, my runnings in the game invariably come back to the mumbled question of, “We need someone to hack this terminal. Shaggit, can you?” LOL

Loadouts R Us and You. So just what the hell is my setup currently at? I have blown some certs over the days experimenting, buying into more things than I can use. I did this knowing the Devs will allow for recertification sometime in the future so it isn’t all in vain. And if they don’t allow for recerts (screw em), I’ll just live with it. On a given night I get anywhere from 100 to 200 certs. I do this by completing the objectives FIRST and killing LATER.

My primary loadout is as follows:

Primary – SR-7 with 12x Optics
Secondary – TX2 with silencer (for this particular loadout silencer is hardly needed but since I have it, I took it) You can also go with the starter. This loadout should rarely see any enemies closer than 500m to your position anyway… Well more on that later!

As expected, this is the attacking a base/enemy position en route to a base. You simply pick your targets carefully and in a particular order (enemy infiltrators, medics, engineers, all the rest). Your goal here is to snipe but not in the way it’s become known in other games. Be useful and go to the right or left of where your main squad/platoon is holed up. Your job is to spot, grease the wheels of their advancement and get closer yourself.

While defending, pick high ground, hoping they aren’t coming from behind you or in flank and have at those that approach. Usually defending entails dealing with enemy vehicles and aircraft so it might not be as ideal to be sniper as infantry are far off and MOVING themselves. Don’t waste your precious ammo unless you are a God, in which case, why are you reading this piece of ****?

My primary skill allotment is and will be as follows:

Universal: Utility Slot – I took Restoration. Don’t really care either way which you choose.

Infiltrator: Passive Systems (Advanced Equipment Terminal Hacking) – This is a must have! Must cert! Not necessarily helpful until you actually GET to the base you are attacking/approaching but this skill is invaluable to your squad and where some of your exp will be derived!

Infiltrator: Tool Slot (Recon Detect Device) – Again not the most useful for this particular loadout and purpose. I have heard mixed reviews about this. I use it only when bored (I shoot my friends in the face) or when defending objectives but only when I remember it.

Infiltrator: Ability Slot (Hunter Cloaking Device) – Your bread and butter and perhaps the reason you became an Infiltrator. Fast regen of our 12 second ability is probably better than the damage reduction while within cloak. At this loadout, long range and first infiltration, you will want this up and to use it often.

Infiltrator: Suit Slot (Ammunition Belt) – Wha, wha wha?!?!? Hear me out… When doing your primary loadout, you will want as much ammunition as possible. Odds are, you will be far from your squad/platoon (while still assisting their push in) and you need bullets to stay useful. Enough said.

Infiltrator: Grenade Slot (Decoy Grenades) – There is nothing more awesome than sensing/seeing an enemy on your flank approach, tossing this bad boy out and then going invis and moving. Switch to secondary and wait to knife, pop him in the back of the head. Frag grenades in this loadout is fine as well for one of the most important things we can do as a long range sniper is our initial infiltration (which will alternatively mean switching to our Secondary Loadout which I will explain below).

Infiltrator: Utility Slot (Claymores) – Yes. Just yes. Put it around your area of sniping to stave off getting flanked while zoomed in and doing your job of spotting, killing and pushing inward/outward/whathaveyou.

Now onto the next phase of the wonderments of this class. Actual Infiltration!

So I have found that when ground based in traveling around the map I choose the Primary Loadout. You push into the base via a sundy/armor column/flash/etc, cloak and head STRAIGHT for the Vehicle Pad. This is perhaps the most vulnerable we are ever going to be. Reasons for this is simple. You don’t want enemy vehicles to be spawning, especially enemy sundy’s. I do this also when Galaxy Dropped but if we are doing drops I usually start in the Secondary Loadout I will now break into. There are some changes to the skills so I will only list those as the rest stays the same.

My secondary loadout is as follows:

Primary – SOAS-20 with MH2 Reflex Sight, Suppressor, and Forward Grip. The 2x reflex sight is the most attractive to peer through and since most of your engagements will be middle to short range, you definitely don’t need to zoom crazy sauce. People have said that the Forward Grip is hardly helpful but with future Dev tweaks I suggest you get it and stick it on. The Suppressor for obvious reasons. Stealth… You have entered an enemy base/outpost/etc. Stealth isn’t foolproof but I have managed to duck and dodge out of fire. Adding potential confusion is always a good thing since we are not designed to win 1v1 on even footing.
Secondary – Again not a big deal. I have the same secondary for both. I prefer the semi-auto pistol over the 3 burst only because I can shoot fast regardless.

My secondary skill allotment changes are as follows:

Infiltrator: Suit Slot (Advanced Shield Capacitor OR Nanoweave Armor) – Do you want more health or faster shield regen? You are infiltrating an enemy base. Your job is to first hack the vehicle pad, any turrets and resupply/air terminals. You aren’t rambo so try NOT to get shot unless you absolutely know you can win the fight ahead of you. Yes you will die… Yes that will suck but we are not here to get hit so choose what you want.

Infiltrator: Grenade Slot (EMP Grenades or Frag) – Again, your choice. Eventually I want to get EMP Grenades just because I like versatility and uniqueness. As it stands, I use Frag. Killing people with big boom booms never hurts the cert hunt.

Hope this was helpful you Terran Republic awesomenaughts! As Infiltrators your job is simply to hack terminals and turrets so your squad/platoon can get a better foothold vs the enemy. The SAOS-20 burns through bullets so you choose the battles, not the other way around. Any questions? Comments? Keep it civil and helpful. If you disagree with me on anything, feel free to say so, hopefully with reasons why. If you want to bug me ingame, lemme know. I’m always happy to talk and help!

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