PlanetSide 2 Combat Medic Tips

PlanetSide 2 Combat Medic Tips by Kelderan

Looking to brush up on Combat Medic skills or pick it up for the first time? This thread will be dedicated to sharing helpful advice to ensure that you keep yourself, and others, alive of the field.

– Keep an eye on freshly fallen friendlies. Not only is reviving one of the single most useful abilities any class in the game has, but it’s also a huge experience boon waiting to be had.

– With that being said, don’t go getting yourself killed on a suicide revive mission. Try to find cover to duck behind so you can get a good revive while staying protected.

– While you’re no heavy assault, you can still pack quite a punch. Try catching enemies off guard or get the jump on them. No one to heal? Take the long way around the building and see if you can’t help in a flanking maneuver.

– Voice Chat. Specifically, Proximity Voice chat. If those idiots around you have someone yelling at them to hold still so they can get patched up, they will. It means them staying alive longer and you doing you job better (along with the exp that grants).

– Cert up your healing abilities. The Aura, Grenades (revive is a beast), and especially the nano-healing gun upgrades are invaluable. Getting a good sight for you primary may bet first on the buy list, but healing upgrades should the secondary, tertiary, and so forth.

– Firing off your heal aura just as your force rushes the enemy is a great help. It may not seem like much, but any soldier will subconsciously thank you for being able to take a few extra bullets while running through the fray. Plus, you can continues to shoot while its working.

– It goes without saying, but travel with the biggest possible group. There is (almost) no such thing as too many Medics. You’re going to have a lot more fun doing that, even if running with a 6 man back capping team seems more entertaining on paper. Medics are less fun when there’s not much to heal.

– if you see a max go down revive him! a new max will cost resources and maybe even time.

– While using your med “gun” you can move… I usually strafe back and forth while res’ing to keep from getting shot.

– Also, don’t forget to cert up your nanoweave here and there… you can’t heal when you’re dead. During beta I felt this was much superior to the shield certs for your armor slot.

– Move with large groups, but make sure not to be stuck in the middle of them. When you’re attacking, choke points are killzones, and you want to stay alive to revive the people that get caught.

– Be mindful of your AOE healing, healing one person 10% isn’t worth making 5 friendliest glowing targets. I use it mostly when healing a friendly with the med app (at least doubles the rate) or when sprinting around after an engagement.

– always bring up the rear… that way you can see if anyone needs your help and you are less likely to get killed. If there’s a choice, always res a medic first… they can get up and res others. The biggest advantage I think to certing up your med gun is the range increase. This allows you to res from behind cover many times. All you need to is lock onto the corpse and then you can move while res’ing to get into cover if you have the range.

– The medic also has some great weapons. Try throwing a 4x scope, compensator and laser sight on your AR, it will allow you to sit back and cover your teammates while keeping an eye on them during an assault.

– Gauss rifle has really good accuracy, don’t be shy and cover your team mate with shot per shot mode. Even vs snipers.

– Upgrade your healing device. Increasing the range of reviving truely increases your life expectancy. This is invaluable.

– Healing grenades and reviving aren’t that easy to use. Don’t forget, if you want to get into spec ops missions, to take explosives, and sometimes a frag grenade will be more usefull than a healing one.

– In a duel, activating your nano can make you win while able to take 1/2 more bullets before dying.

– My best advice regardless of faction is to get max level of your heal gun ASAP. A 100% res, + extra range and healing speed trumps pretty much everything else if you enjoy playing the medic. Do not res someone with a less then 75% into a firing lane and before you res, clear out the opponents or force them into cover before you res. The medic is the best anti infantry class, even over the HA due to sole class specific assault rifles.

– TR Medics: Once you max out your heal gun there is only two guns worth it. The first is your base T1 Cycler, which is good in close, medium and semi long. Always aim mid chest to head. You will want three scopes for it: 1st Night Vision then 2nd Reflex and Third 3.4x scope. After you get the first two scopes, pick up a Forward grip. The T1 is imo the best gun you can have the TR medic.

The other gun to consider is the RF-3, which is in close to semi medium range that punishes people quickly. I like to call it a MCG w/o the spin up time but small clips. Again get the Night Vision first then the Reflex as there is no reason for anything past this. I would forgo the Forward Grip and go with the Laser sight for pin point hip shooting.

– As to all medics, I would suggest considering the smoke launcher underbarrel attachment. Not only is it crazy good with the NV scope but can make emergency ressing much safer.

– Buy two steps in medical tool -> medical applicator (cost 11 cert points) .. you won’t regret it

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