PlanetSide 2 Solo Tanking Tips

PlanetSide 2 Solo Tanking Tips by MexelVanMexelen

If you’re playing solo and you fancy driving or gunning a tank, there’s a few things you can do that will maximize the fun you have in the game. These are:

Solo Drivers:
1. Do not set your vehicle to locked or squad only. Keep it open for anyone who wants to hop in.
2. When you spawn the tank at the warp gate, loiter near the steps or wait a few seconds after you auto-drive off the pad to see if someone wants to jump in.
3. If you really don’t want a gunner, but have left your tank open and someone jumps in, do not lock the tank without saying a word. That is being quite rude to someone who probably only wanted to help you. Instead, if they’re not being silly (see 2 and 3 below) at least let them stay in the tank until you die. If you must lock it, then have the decency to say “sorry, I’m playing solo for now” or some such in text or prox chat.

Solo Infantry:
1. If you’re playing solo infantry and you want a fun ride to a battle, hop aboard a “1/2” tank at the warp gate. You may rack up a few kills on the way to the battle and will get there much quicker.
2. Do not fire your gun randomly into space, as wasting ammo tends to annoy the driver.
3. Do not fire at targets (particularly aircraft) that you have little to no chance of killing as it may only alert the enemy to your presence and get you both killed.
4. If you are not an engineer, man the gun when the driver jumps out to repair. Better yet, if you WANT to be a random gunner (I often do!) then go as an engineer and help repair up when needed.
5. I particularly recommend hopping into a tank which has an upgraded secondary gun. For the Vanu this is the Saron HRB. It’s easy to recognize as the gun is nearly as long as the tank. This is a superb anti-tank gun which has some splash damage on infantry. You can get MANY kills with this gun and a good driver.

When you are playing in the same tank, use proximity chat to talk about the battle. If the other player responds, and you like each other, you can decide to form a 2-man squad and use the squad chat to coordinate your actions. Done well, this is some of the best fun you can have in Planetside!

I’m posting this as there seems to be less random gunners around since the launch, and I hope that mentioning this might encourage more people to gun for someone else. If you find someone you enjoy playing with, you can alternate turns at driving and spread the cost of the tank.

Just thought I’d share some experience, feel free to add if there are aspects to highlight.

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