Path of Exile Marauder Ground Slam Build Guide

Path of Exile Marauder Ground Slam Build Guide by Struyk


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Passive Skill Tree:

Ground Slam Marauder ( 23 )
Ground Slam Marauder ( 43 )
Ground Slam Marauder ( 63 )
Ground Slam Marauder ( 83 )
Ground Slam Marauder ( 103 )

This path brings you the following:

Enough Damage to:
One shot normal enemies with heavy strike
Two shot normal enemies with ground slam

Enough Survivability to:
Survive HC
Survive Stuns when they get anoying


1 – Life OR +8% All Resists
2 – Attack Speed OR Skill Point
3 – Endurance Charge

Gamplay Footage (outdated):

You will always hit
You will never get stunned
You will stun your enemies
You will not die
You will hit like a truck
You will never run out of mana
You will level insanely fast

You will run out of mana fast ( before you get mana leech )
You will feel like you are playing on slowmotion early game
You will need to buy some skill gems from other people
You will curse desync when using ground slam


6 Linked 5R 1G ( AoE Farming )
Ground Slam
Life on Hit
Faster Attacks
Added Fire Damage
Mana Leech
Elemental Weapon Damage

6 Linked 4R 2G( Single Target Nuke )
Heavy Strike
Life Leech
Melee Physical Damage
Faster Attacks
Added Fire Damage

4 Linked 3R 1G
Reduced Mana Cost

4 Linked 2R 2B
Molten Shell
Iron Will
Elemental Proliferation
Chance to Ignite

4 Non-Linked 2R 1G 1B
Enduring Cry
Blood Rage
Immortal Call

4 Any Sockets
Decoy Totem

Gear you are looking for:

High Physical Damage 2H mace
High Armor
IAS / Physical Damage Rings
Attack Speed Gloves
High HP + MF + Flask Mods Belt

Good Uniques:

Carnage Heart:

Really great item for this build!
The -25% Maximum HP is BASE hp, base hp at 70 is about 800 so -200 HP for 10% LIFELEECH!. Also gives nice Resists and All Stats ofc :D Hope extra gore comes soon! SPLATTER SPLATTER!


2 Life Flasks ( Panicked and Slow Recovery )
1 Mana Flask ( any )
1 Elemental/Chaos Resits ( bring all, equip depending on map )
1 Quicksilver Flask with increased charge rate and dispel Curses

Damage (outdated) :




81% All Resistances
90% Damage Reduction from Armour

90% Armor Reduction:

* 30% Armor Reduction from 6 Endurance Charges
* Shitload of Armour from Gear
* x% bonus from Armour passives
* Determination

80% All Resists:

Need 140% All Resists
6 Endurance Charges = 30% all resists


This is the main reason I went for a 2H Mace!

* % Stun Chance = 200 * Damage / ( Enemy Max Health – Stun Threshold % )

Right now with ground slam I oneshot white named monsters so stun won’t matter. Blue named monsters take 2-3 hits, and are ofcourse stunlocked so can’t do anything. Yellow named mobs take about 5-6 hits and are also stunlocked so also deal no damage.

There are enemies immune to stun, and enemies with an insane amount of hp that you can’t stun ( Oak, Vaal and Gneiss for example )

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