Path of Exile Ice Witch Build Guide

Path of Exile Ice Witch Build Guide by rocfor3

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This would be one way to do it.You can remove some power charges,Inner Force(buff duration node)+the Fitness one near it,i think it was a power charge node before the patch?You can also remove Blood Thirst if you want that,and add the nodes for Item Rarity & Item Quantity near BloodMagic with the points you have from removing those buff-dur./powercharges.
Other two optional keystones are HexMaster and Whispers Of Doom but you will not need those trust me,you will kill enemies,you don’t need to spamm 31523523 curses on them,only 325235325 damage + freeze/crit/iceshards-shatter :D

Another optional thing is the combo me and my friend invented,Blood Magic + Pain Attunement tough if you will use a Voll ( it cuts your maximum mana in half) you will need this nice combo as well..Besides i linked Breath Of Rime and Heart Of Ice (near Pain Attunement) using that path,so i wont use the points from frostwalker but if you compare it is 2 points to change the path and with the same result.

Oh and you can remove if you wish so,Blast Radius keystone (near Frost Walker) and other AoE radius passives if you only wish to use IceSpear(s) and not some Ice Nova too in case you get surrounded or something.

This is the original:
Original Build

edit : you can get Blast Radius on the path towards Frost Walker tough this build is for Ice Spear(s) but yeah if you do find a point you could remove,add blast radius too..but 10 % ain’t much anyway you can add increased aoe gem to the nova yourself.
Epic build a?perma freeze build >:)

Another version would be: Another Build

or with the hex master removed and added the criticals exactly in the right side of Lord Of The Dead
Another Build 2

THESE 2 ARE THE MOST PERFECT BUILDS…the previous ones were a little rough on the edges but fixed them by removing some unnecesarily linked points and here we go.

Answers to some questions by andreyghost

1. Why Blood Magic is good?
2. What should I focus on on early levels?
3. Why skip Soul Siphon?

Hmm i think this build is perfect,probably can perma freeze/crit with a voll also…It’s a good thing i learned the exact build and steps for it from this player

1. I think the Blood Magic was meant to be combined with Pain Attunement resulting in 25 % more spell damage when low hp (under 35 percent hp ) And you could use a life leech gem to keep stealing some hp to be able to cast back..or life on hit gem linked to the ice spear(s).

2. Well from what i learned from him it’s best to take the path to reach Doom Cast and Spell Power ,in the right side ,why?you get on the DEX side and that is how you will easily use Phase Run gem,a skill to buff your running speed,it is very useful,than he told me he went to get Elementalist and continued towards Arcane Potency and that node with the three keystones,than north to frostwalker and the others.
He said the last ones to be added are pain attunement and blood magic unless you are confident on getting a lot of energy shield and some nice quality&level; life leech/life-on-hit gems to keep spamming ice spear,or ice spears if you link multi proj.

3. a) Power Siphon ( or whatever the gem was named) isn’t good on a Spellcaster he said this build has 5 power charges and you can easily fill them with a Voll armor and the power charge duration added in the tree too,you will always or almost always reach a high critical chance ( remember that Ice Spears have a higher chance to crit when they approach their end,at a higher distance ,not that you would need more crit with this build). Power Siphon is good with Wand(s) Witches,that use physical damage wands,elemental strike,those.

b) Soul Siphon the Passive that gives you mana per kill well since the build uses Blood Magic,and Voll Armor cuts your mana in half ( you won’t need the mana anyway with blood magic) you will not need useless Soul Siphon,even for other witch builds that add all faster casts or curses/summons you shouldn’t waste points on that useless node of Soul Siphon.

The Voll armor ,cuts your mana in half but you won’t need it anyway with blood magic,and the build has 5 power charges i think they are more than enough. I myself will try the second build without Hexmaster wich has the criticals added near Lord Of The Dead,or if you’re not too lazy to use multiple curses you can use this ring as well so you get 3 curses max or with 2 rings 4 curses + they never expire with HexMaster – I won’t want monsters to survive too much,sometimes the best defense is an offense.

Oh forgot he also told me Blast Radius (north on the tree) and Amplify near Arcane Potency and Celestial walker are in case you can’t handle using ice spears,in wich case you can spamm Ice Nova 360 ° degree radius with critical and other mods you will perma freeze with that one too,and only use ice spears to get more power charges fast in case nova won’t handle

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