Path of Exile Marauder 2H Leap Slam Guide

Path of Exile Marauder 2H Leap Slam Guide by Pohx

As promised, here’s the guide before the end of the week, I hope you all enjoy and make sure to understand that this build is made for end game content and tends to suck early game due to all the mobs running away!

Level: 1-20

Level: 21-40

Level: 41-60

Level: 61-80

Level: 80+

Level: 101+

Forgot To Put Lava Lash in lol, Take a point out of HP and put it in

On a side note, you can build it in whichever order you prefer, I tend to go grab the Templar side first then start to swing down by duelist. With the extra points I tend to go take the full body and soul node along with the regen–>ES To keep an infinite shield going while leeching via Blood Rage.

Getting IR ( Iron Reflexes ) Might not be mandatory anymore since they changed the scaling on armor. You can pretty much use any armor type in this build besides ES gear unless you opted out to go Body & Soul over IR which is completely fine.

Step 1: Leveling:

Upon leveling you will find yourself in crappy situations all the time using this build. Why, you ask? Well that’s because you jump into the center of the mobs with absolutely no reduction :D.
Your primary way of leveling will be by using Leap slam ( Gained off Brutus ) to jump into the middle of a pack of mobs, then spam ” Sweep ” while using potions.
The reason we’re using sweep over leap slam is due to the damage. Sweep has much better damage than leap slam early game and tends to fall off end game ( Don’t ask why )
For Single target you can either use ” Heavy Strike ” or ” Double Strike ”
Once you can claim your ” Life on Hit ( Gem )” make sure to grab it and attack it to Sweep.
For early game this should make you a God for AoE packs

Step 2: Gear

Just like all my other characters, the same applies to this brute. Use anything with high resists + HP, regardless if it’s ES or not, Sub 25 you’ll want as much HP as you can get but once you get to Act 3 Make sure to have your Fire + Lighting Resists past 55%. The fire mobs use LMP ( Lesser Multiple Projectile ) and the lightning mobs use ” Arc ” which is an auto aim lazer gun

Your goal for end game would be Crazy high resists ( Including Chaos )+ HP and of course the % increase to Armor/Es/Evasion depending on the variation you chose.

Step 3: Skills:

Single Target:

Heavy Strike: This is my primary choice of the 2. Heavy strike has a hefty 150% Effective Damage and with some attack speed, you can basically permanently stun even yellow/orange mobs, ( Not bosses of course )

Added Fire:
Melee Physical:
Faster Attacks:
Elemental Damage:

Glacial Hammer: Yes, this skill is completely legit. when paired with Cold to Fire, Added Fire, Faster attacks, Elemental damage it’s extremely fearsome. Especially since you’ll be running Anger + Hatred With Lava Lash

Added Fire
Melee Physical
Faster Attacks
Elemental Damage
Cold to Fire


Leap Slam Yes, We’re finally at it. The base of this build!
The reason why I chose leap slam over any other AoE is due to the mobility & Stun Duration.
Leap slam gains Stun Effect with quality, ( 1.5% per? ) I’m not too sure on the exact amount, but when paired with Blood Rage & Attack speed you pretty much bounce all over the place avoiding so many attacks as you jump from pack to pack.
You can even chose to jump around enemies, out of range of the Melee attacks while still hitting them with Leap Slam.
Furthermore: If you can manage to stack enough stun duration, you can actually spam leap slam and literally take 0 Damage by stunning

Faster Attacks ( Mandatory )
Melee Physical Damage
Added Fire Damage
Blood Magic ( For Leveling )
Life on Hit ( For Leveling )
Leech Life ( For Leveling )
Concentrated Effect ( Optional )
AoE Increase ( Optional )
Mana Leech ( Optional )

Sweep I pretty much Only used this for leveling purposes, the minute I obtained Faster Attacks, I swapped over to leap slam full time.

Life on Hit ( Mandatory )
Melee Physical
Added Fire

Self Buffs

Blood Rage: This skill pretty much makes you a god, 4 Frenzy Charges = 20% Attack speed, In other words. You Jump Faster. With the life regeneration of this build, you actually out heal the DoT ( Damage over time )from blood rage and it gives you insane amounts of leech for leap slam. If you can manage to find a 20% quality that’s an extra 4% leech ( 10% on Blood Rage max )

Immortal Call: I haven’t gotten the time around to play around with this skill, however you can easily pick up the charges and get the +45% buff duration nodes. See if it works with you :D

Reduced Mana:


Hatred ( Required at all times, no matter which path you took on the skill tree )
Anger ( Imo I only run this if I go Glacial Hammer, )
Clarity ( Attack with blood magic for speed leveling )
Grace ( If you went IR this is a must, I use it with BM since it takes almost no mana )
Vitality ( Still in testing, But if you went the HP Regen—> ES This will be needed
Haste ( Stricty used for leveling or fast clearing low level maps )
Purity ( Use at all times if not near max resists )
Discipline ( If you’re using the Body & Soul nodes i’d definitely grab these. )
Determination ( Only use if running IR, it scales extremely well with grace )

You can decide which combination you prefer. Each one should be paired with either a Reduced Mana, or blood Magic depending on the Aura.


Temporal Chains

Step 4: Sustaining Mana
Step 5: Flask Setup
Step 6: Blood Magic?
Step 7: Bandit Rewards
Step 8: Youtube Visual Guide


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