Mortal Online Reserve System Guide

Mortal Online Reserve System Guide by Hew

Guys i busted this out real fast for guildies ppl keep asking me at fab what to do so i post this here so i can link it to them >8¬)


The reserve system is meant to simulate the conditioning of the human body by eating and excercise. You can gain weight if you eat high calorie foods and do little excercise, you can loose weight by eating bad quality (low nutrional value) foods and expending your energy alot.

Hows does it work.

The actual mechanics behind the system seems to be pretty straight forward so far, you have 3 reserves for the 3 main stats, Health, Stamina, and Mana. To check your reserves open up your paperdoll (p) and mouse-over your Health stat. A tooltip will pop up displaying reserve info, the first number is your current reserve, the second number is your maximum possible reserve and the third number shows the point at which your reserves will affect your health/stam points cap. For example 5000 / 10,000 (5000) would mean you have depleted that reserve to the point that if you loose more, you will start to loose weight and the grey bars will start to appear (these appear as you start breaking into your reserve overdraft, kinda like how the body will use up fats and muscle tissue when starved of quality food). We can call this bar the defecit bar, and will grow as your reserves fall gradually filling up the bar of the main stat (hp, stamina) until you can no longer get a full bar through healing.

Reserves can be filled two ways as far as i know, sleeping and eating. Sleeping will only help your reserves if they are in defecit, that is when your actual reserves (first number) are below the defecit threshold (the 3rd number – in brackets) so if you have say 2500/10,000 (5000) you would be 2500 resrve in “debt”, you can sleep to repay this up to the defecit threshold, after which only eating will increase the reserve.

Reserves will deplete when you heal or regenerate stamina, each time you restore hp or stamina, it will eat up some of your reserves, running will also slowly deplete stamina reserves. They will also take a large hit if you die.

You will start to loose weight slowly if either your hp reserve or stamina reserve are below the defecit threshold. You will loose alot of weight if you die, but you also gain hunger.

How to gain weight.

To gain weight you simply max out either hp or stamina reserves (so the first number matches the second) and continue to eat foods which increase hp or stamina reserves, its a slow process so if you want to gain weight leave your character on overnight afk.

How to reset weight or get back to lean when skeletal.

To “fix” abroken character (if you want to become lean again) you need to kill yourself until yourhunger is 0/1800 then eat some high stamina food. you will need 360 units of food and the best i found so far is raw rye(go speak to any cook with some rye flour available from tindremic grocers in most cities and he will sort you out), this should get you to underweight at least, most likely to lean, but possibly fit.

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