Mortal Online Psyfighter Build Guide

Mortal Online Psyfighter Build Guide by Diphling

Section 0 – Preface

Many people are archaic, and refuse to adapt to new situations. This guide is to outline how a melee fighter in standard medium armor is capable of countering a magic user. While almost entirely dependant on actual player skill, this build enables someone to effectively absorb more magic than they normally would, while retaining the speed and utility required to hunt down a mage, and your capabilities as a full blown fighter.

There is something very special and unique about this build. Read all the way through and you’ll find it.

This is the video to show what Psyche is capable of.

Section I – Character

Note that like most builds, this is versatile. I chose to go with the Alvarin clade because naturally they are the fastest, which is essential for hunting people down.

There are generally 2 options when rolling a melee fighter. The first is the Alvarin clade (Veelas / Sheevras). These specialize in being fast, and able to stickyback people easily.

The next is a Thursar Khurite, who at maximum weight, have 206/207 HP, while still being very fast.

Remember that this build is intended to maximize psyche, so size was reduced to minimum. Dexterity is maxed to maximize speed. Constitution was maxed because that’s the only sensible thing to do. Strength was set at 64 to use steel and cronite swords.

Type I: Health

Age 22 Thursar / Khurite

Minimum Size
Strength 62 + 5
Dexterity 104 – 5
Constitution 116 + 5
Psyche 61
Intelligence 10

Type II: Speed

Age 22 Veela

Minimum Size
Strength 62 + 5
Dexterity 120 – 5
Constitution 100 – 5
Psyche 68
Intelligence 10

67 Strength is optimized for using steel and cronite 2h greatswords, your main asset when chasing down a lightly armored mage. You may raise this at the cost of psyche if you wish to use heavier weapons, but I do not recommend it.

It is entirely possible, depending solely on player skill, to use spears that require much less strength. All of these extra strength points can be dumped into psyche. Unfortunately for the thursar, his psyche is capped at 72.

!Important! The thursar/khurite build has 20 more HP total, but has lower PSYCHE! Choose wisely.

Section II – Skills

These are only the primary skills. You are responsible for knowing all of the secondaries.

Swords 100
Combat Maneuvering 100
Aggressive Stance 100
Defensive Stance 100
Ecumenical 50
Anatomy 100
Endurance 100
Agility 100
Armor Training 100
Taming 75 (can be replaced with survival if you have a supply of pets)
Creature Control 75
Mental Training (For mental focus) 100
Remaining points can be dumped into heavy armor training, or vitalism, as seen fit.
With 100 armor training, and just 2! points put into heavy armor training, my equipment weight on the thursar/khurite is exactly 14.

Section III – Skills Explained

Now some of you may not have seen it, but that is fifty points in ecumenical, and no other magic skills. This is intended. The reasoning for this is very simple. You are a 67 Psyche character with 10 int. You have enough mana to cast a very important spell: MAGIC REFLECT. You do not need any of the other magic skills because you are a fighter. Not a hybrid. This magic reflect is intended to mitigate 50 damage back to the caster. In the heat of battle you aren’t going to have time to re-cast magic reflect, as it is a 3 second cast.

This is somewhat of a risky spell though. If you are low on HP due to physical damage, you run the risk of reflecting a friendly heal. Use at your own risk.

Taming and creature control is added for 2 reasons. Firstly, as a mage I can say that I despise pets. The fact that they don’t de-aggro and they do good damage really hurts a mage. It is simply added DPS. There is nothing better to spend points on, anyway.

As a Psyfighter, you specialize in speed. Having a pet who you can constantly send on a mage REALLY screws him over if he decides try and escape the pet. People have complained that mages don’t have to manage their stamina. This is completely debunked if they are forced to try and escape a pet.As a Psyfighter you have higher stamina, and are just as fast as a mage, and now you have a mechanic to burn them constantly, in a way they cannot counter.

Note that you are able to have 100 armor training + heavy armor training. This means that you are equally as armored as your average fighter. You also have aggressive stance. This means you’re a full blown fighter. This means that the you are more than capable of going on par with fighters also. The difference between the Psyfighter and your average fighter is damage bonus. Player skill easily can trumpt this. I can also imagine that someone would be capable of making a Thursar/Khurite version of this build to close the HP gap between Alvarin and Thursars.

This build is also easily modified. If cronite is not easily accessable to you, you may have to invest some of your Psy into strength to be able to use steel, but that would lower your mana pool, meaning you may want to invest 25 points into Mental Training / Mental Focus. You also decide to drop taming/CC all together and just invest completely into Mental Training. I would NOT recommend going with mental offence, or vitalism, as the extent of your magic use is for magic reflect, and maybe the occaisional purify.

Section IV – Conclusion

I recently re-rolled my prototype character (which was very effective) for this build because I was silly and maxed his size, which only really granted me a 2% damage bonus at the cost of around 10 total psyche.

I truly believe that if people want to counter mages, this is the build they will follow to some degree. Every skill is intended to bring the Psyfighter on par with the mage, and give the fighter the advantage. Between all of the mobility, armor, and utility (taming/survival), no mage is safe. There can be no more excuses that mages are overpowered.

The 72Psyche Psyfighter takes 21% less magic damage on average than your standard fighter from normal mages
The 72Psyche Psyfighter takes 25% less magic damage on average than your standard fighter from hybrids
The 72Psyche Psyfighter takes 14% less magic damage on average from a 121 Int slag mage using flamestrike
The 72Psyche Psyfighter takes 18% less magic damage on average from a 121 Int slag mage using earthquake

92 Int mage versus Psyfighter: 35.2 average damage per TL
92 Int mage versus standard fighter: 44.4 average damage per TL

50 Int hybrid versus Psyfighter: 32.7 average damage per TL
50 Int hybrid versus standard fighter: 43.2 average damage per TL

121 Int versus Psyfighter; 58.2 average damage per Flamestrike, 64.3 average damage per Earthquake
121 Int versus standard fighter: 67.3 average damage per Flamestrike, 77.5 average per Earthquake

If you play as a Psyfighter, your susceptibility to magic is going to be negated in many ways. You will receive essentially a “defensive stance” against magic, retain your abilities as a melee fighter, retain your speed, and have extra utility against magic that most of your standard fighters do not have. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should be a dumbass and run into a group of mages. You’re not a god, afterall.

For the general concept behind how a Psyfighter works in combat, here are some scenarios.

Let’s look at 1v1, with players on an equal skill level.

Versus a fighter – Psyfighter takes more damage from the fighter, and deals the same as a hybrid. In an even fight, a psyfighter is capable of disengaging, and using mindblast, giving him a magic damage advantage. Also capable of corrupt to disable the fighters heals. Fighting another fighter solo is his weak point, but he is not very disadvantaged because he is only lacking the damage bonus, and a few HP.

Versus a mage – Psyfighter is capable of casting magic reflect before the fight, granting him an increased protection and a possible source of burst damage to the enemy mage. He is capable of casting corrupt to disrupt the mages spells, and cancel healing. Retains a his DPS against the mage by utilizing swords. Also has mind blast, which deals full damage to mages in the event the mage is low and running away.

Versus a hybrid – Psyfighter takes less damage from the hybrid in melee, and does more to the hybrid. He resists the hybrids magic 40% of the time, if it is cast on him. He is also capable of corrupting the hybrid, and if timed correctly, it will disrupt the healing the hybrid has. A hybrid is where the psyfighter really excels, because he is capable of negating every single advantage the hybrid has. The downside is that his mind blast is ineffective against the hybrid, because the hybrid has strength and intellect that are on par.

Did I mention you also have a pet?

Now let’s look at group fights:

Versus the fighters – Psyfighter retains his 13 weight armor, recieving much less damage than a hybrid would, and equal damage that another fighter would in the same armor. Doing damage purely depends on his skill. The disadvantage is that he has to land an extra hit, (with his faster sword) to retain the DPS the warrior does. Luckily for the Psyfighter he brought a pet, which can get the attention of the fighters, and soak up extra damage, while dealing some extra out. In the event that the Psyfighter were to get low and a fighter were to try and finish him, the Psyfighter retains the movement speed and armor of a regular fighting, giving him the same equal opportunity to escape as the normal warrior has.

Versus the mages – Psyfighter is capable of having magic reflect up, which could negate an enemy spell, dealing damage to that mage, and also completely negating any damage towards him. On the flipside, if he is not careful he could reflect an ally spell. His goal would be to attempt to recieve mage damage, as opposed to lots of melee damage which would cause him to need a heal. Against the mages casting thunderlash on him, he is resistant to the damage, and is capable of resisting the spells more often than the regular fighters. The overall burstiness of enemy mages is reduced, and overall magic damage recieved is lowered. The psyfighter could also send his pet at the enemy mages, occupying the mage until he either de-aggros it, or it is killed by distracted enemy fighters and hybrids. In the event that the psyfighter gets low and the mage tries to finish him off, the psyfighter is capable of timing a magic reflect to buy him extra time, plus he has an inherent resistance to magic to potentially help him survive.

Against the hybrids – Psyfighter is capable of effectively trading blows against a hybrid, forcing the hybid to flee and try to heal up. As the hybrid does this, the psyfighter is capable of corrupting the hybrid while teammates pounce also, or he could just chase with his sword. If you consider the addition of the pet, the hybrid is having alot of difficulties getting heals off due to being hit often. In the event that the psyfighter gets low and the hybrid attempts to finish him off with a thunderlash, the psyfighter has about a 40% chance of resisting a thunderlash from a 50 intellect hybrid, thus greatly increasing chances at survival.

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