Mortal Online Butchery Guide

Mortal Online Butchery Guide by Jaegar

Well first off I’d like to point out that I am by no means an expert on this subject, I just felt that someone might find at least a part of the information useful, and with contributions from some of the other great people we have here – this could turn into something worthwhile for the people who are looking for it.
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Strength: Provides Stamina, Melee damage, Maximum Carry Weight and Maximum Equipment Weight.
Dexterity: Some Stamina and Footspeed.
Constitution: Provides Health, Stamina, Some Maximum Carry Weight, Equipment Weight and Runspeed.
Psyche: Provides Spell Resistance, Magic Damage & Max Mana
Intelligence: Provides Max Mana, Magic Damage & Spell Resistance.
Height: Bonuses to Max Health, Stamina, Run Speed and Jumping Height.

Honestly, I don’t really feel there is a best race for going just butchery on a character, so long as it has high strength to carry the materials. However, if you are planning on adding a fighting skill or craft skill plan accordingly.

IF you are going to add armor crafting, keep in mind you will have to be very specialized in what you make. IE use the materials you can butcher, scales/silk etc.

My own butcher is a Khurite Halfbreed 30 years old. But he is also a Swordsman to kill his own creatures.

Were I to remake my butcher I would go Oghmir-Huergar 30 years old for the Str/Con/Int/Dex bonuses and the extra skill points due to Int bonuses.

STR (116)
DEX (78)
CON (115)
PSY (92)
INT (110)


These are the skills you absolutely must have to be a butcher.


Crafting Appliances(Sec)
Butchery Appliances(Pri)
Butchery Workbench(Sec)
Skinning Knife(Sec)

I am not going to list each individual secondary lore, you will discover these while raising your other butchery skills.
Material Lore(Sec)[size=1]
Animal Materials(Pri)
Skeleton Lore(Pri)
Scales Lore(Pri)
Mammal Skin Lore(Pri)
Textile Lore(Pri)

That is all of the skills absolutely required for butchering.

The following are optional skills.

Controlled Riding(Sec)
Swift Riding(Sec)

Melee Combat(Sec)
I am only listing swords as that seems to be the obvious choice weapon wise at the moment, and they are more readily available in comparison to the other types.

Ranged Combat(Sec)
Refer to my comment about Swords above, CHEAPER in the long run.

Breathing Technique(Sec)

Damage Assessment(Sec)
I only mention damage assessment purely to help max out Anatomy.

Creature Control(Pri)
I thought it was worth mentioning that you don’t really need taming. Get someone to tame a horse or donkey for you, and you can control it with Creature Control.

Armor Crafting(Pri)
Soft Armor Crafting(Pri)
Laminated Armor Crafting(Pri)
Plate Armor Crafting(Pri)
You would have to pick a specific type of armor to focus on, but this is a fairly common addition to a butcher character.

Leveling your butchering skills

The best, and AFAIK, way to raise your skills other than reading books, is to simply go out and get some carcasses and butcher them.

Using the butcher table has MUCH higher yields than butchering in the field.

Although starting out just killing stuff and skinning it in the field may work for you just fine. I would personally avoid this though.

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