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Mortal Online Horse Guide by disnof

Welcome this is a general guide on the new dynamic horse system. There are a few main characteristics to be consider when choosing a horse. These characteristics include control, speed/stam and intelligence. The stats found on the pet page, type /pet, determine what these characteristics will be for a horse. You may find a wide diversity in these stats within any given herd.

Ultimately the genes of a horse is what make up the horse. The genes will dictate what their stats will be. These genes tend to come in a sort of group or set. This is seen in the classifications of horses such as Desert, Steppe, Donkey, Jotun and Jungle. Each one of these classifications represent a set of genes that the horses may choose from. Bull and Mongrel horses don’t really have their own sets of genes, but rather they use the gene sets or others.

Horse Stats:

From A few Tamer’s Experience:
Str: Damage and/or Carry weight before encumbered/slowed (Still max 5 stack).
Dex: Stam Regen.
Con: Hp and/or Stam.
Psy: Control, want 5 or below if poor riding skills. With max riding I can ride 29 psy fine.
Int: Queue Cycle Speed, want 5 or higher.
Spe: Running Speed.
Thanks for the help Wyndorn, Kora, and Fa.


The control stat will determine the chance the horse will comply when you attempt to slow the horse down. When the horse fails to comply to slow down it may start to run wild and be very hard to control. The best way to deal with a horse with poor control is to either run it out of stamina before attempting to slow down or run it into something and make it stop on its own.

Identified by: The amount of hair around their legs. Horses with almost no hair will rarely fail to slow down, while horses with bushes around their legs will never let you off.


This stat determines how fast a horse can go and its rate of stam drain, unknown if these two things are independent of each other. Also this may effect hp.

Identified by: Body health. Multiple patterns found on the horse’s coat can be bad, purebreds seem to be the fastest, also things such as vain and muscle movement on the legs may help. Purebred refers to the horse coat; a horse with both spots and strips is considered a mutt, while a horse with a constant pattern for a coat is considered a purebred. Height may also be a factor.


This stat determines how fast a horse will cycle through commands you give it. Your horse will take each key stroke (A,S,W,D) as a command and then put that in a queue, intelligence effects the speed at which your horse will execute that queue. A horse with poor intelligence may be many seconds behind. So when you are yelling at the horse to turn right, to avoid that riser, and it just keeps going strait, it may be because you pressed forward to much earlier.

Identified by: Facial expressions. Things such as eye darting around, eye brows moving, and ear movement. Horses with constant motion on the face and ears will cycle through commands as fast as you give it, while a horse who rarely moves its eyes or ears will be very slow to cycle.

Horse Speeds, Stam Regen, and General Tips:

There use to only be 3-4 “gears” on a horse. First being walking while the rest were running, and each horse type went the same speed at each gear. Now there are just small increments in speed. There can still be considered 3 “gears” walking, running, and sprinting. Walking should always have stam regen and will not knock people over. Running may have stam regen at the lower speeds if dex is high. Sprinting will burn stam fast.

  • Pressing the W key once will advance you an increment.
  • Pressing the S key once will decrease by an increment.
  • Double tapping W will put you at full speed
  • double tapping S will stop the horse.
  • Double tapping W a second time will cause the horse to sprint, taking massive stam loss.
  • Double tapping S a second time will cause the horse to turn around. This can also cause a horse with poor int to “spin in circles” when the rider spams S.
  • There are many small increments in speed and it can be hard to notice a change. I recommend that while riding over uneven ground to occasionally press w once, because the horse can slow down slightly on its own.
  • A horse may buck when attempting to stop or dismount this increases when the horse has poor control or if the rider is lacking skills. A horse that is not moving or moving very slowly will not buck.
  • If your horse is stuck in a door way you can mount it and dismount to fix the problem.
  • Mounting and dismounting next to a wall may send you through the wall. This can end up in you being stuck in a building or falling through the ground.
  • If you are looking to buy a horse with good control. Ask the seller to take the horse to full speed then stop instantly. This is the best way to judge a horses control.

Speed will determine your max increment of speed. Dex will determine your stam regen. These two stats are very important and should be balanced well, a horse with 45 Dex and 48 speed will get you much farther then a horse with 25 Dex and 58 speed. Each increment in speed will cost slightly more stam, even the slowest speed does cost stam. Dex will constantly give you a set amount of stam regen. It is a simple system of input/output with your stam pool being the holding tank. Your current speed determines your output of stam, stam loss. While your Dex is your input, stam regen. At any given speed your horse will be losing stam and gaining stam, however we just see the outcome of which is larger as stam loss or regen.

Sell Prices:

The prices listed first is what I find fair, seeing as how you can go out naked and tame horses. However the prices in brackets is what you can expect to pay.

Bull Horses:
Low Control below 25 speed, 6g.(10g)
Low Control above 25 speed, 8g. (12g)
Good Control below 25 speed, 10g.(15g)
Good Control above 25 speed, 15g.(20g+)
Good Control above 35 speed, 20g+. (30g+)

Desert Horse:
Low Control, 3g.
Good Control, 4g.
Has Speed 40-50, 8g.(10-15g)
Has Speed 50+, 15g.(20g+)
Desert horses are the best horses right now and is what you should try to buy. Jungle horses should follow about the same, maybe slightly less.

Horse Classifications:

See (Mortal Online Horse Information Guide) this guide pretty much still works for this section, aside from steppe horses now being bad.
Bull Horse – Good stam and health. Poor speed, control, and intelligence.
Desert Horse – Fastest horses and best control, less stam then Steppe.
Forest Horse – Faster then steppe, good Dex. Low Str.
Steppe Horse – Faster then Mongrel about the same control, highest Con.
Mongrel Horse – All stats besides Dex are mid to poor. Good starter horse.
Donkey – All stats are poor. Good for hauling.

Horse Equipment:

Horse equipment does not change the stats directly. Instead horse gear changes the horse’s characteristic that the stats dictate, such as control, hp, and stam.

Shoes: Improves overall speed.
Saddle: Increases control.
Blinders: Decrease horse reactions to others around it and obstacles, such as a hill.
Armor: Increase hp and decreases speed (May provide marginal dmg mitigation).
Bags: All horses can carry 5.0867 stacks with large or small bags. (Thanks Xyxyxy and Wyndorn)

Taming a Horse:

Wild horses would rather stay wild. When attempting to tame a horse, the horse may run from the player for a while. The amount of time that the horse continues to run from the player seems to be determined by speed or the horse type. There are two main ways to deal with this. One way is to damage the horse, either your self or with a pet on passive. Another way is to corner or herd the horse, a higher Dex and running skill is needed. The worst thing you can do, is to just chase the horse in a strait line and make it chain back to its spawn. In order to herd a horse you have to run ahead of it and limit how far from its own spawn it goes, preventing it from chaining.

Taming skill required is roughly:
Donkey 30-40
Mongrel 40-50
Steppe 50-60
Desert 60-70
Jungle 70-80 (just a guess)
Bull 80-90

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