Mortal Online Horse Information Guide

Mortal Online Horse Information Guide by Aoidos

Thought I’d share some information about the mounts currently in game. Below is the information on each horse. At the bottom of the post is a map marking some of each type’s locations. Enjoy!

The slowest mount which requires 30 taming. Only for beginners in taming and below all horses. One spot to find them is to head north from Meduli. If you go just to the right of the ruins you will find cougars. Go past the mountain behind the cougars, past the brownwood tree, and head down towards Tindrem and donkeys will be there.

Mongrel Horses
The first speed horse requires 40 taming. It moves at a decent rate but it’s speed and stamina are below all other horses. They can be found all over Nave. One spot is east of Meduli past the priest by the broken down barn in the brownwood forest.

Jotun Horses
The highest stamina horse with a slower speed than most. Reasonable health and the 3rd most damaging horse, it requires 50 taming and can be found east of Campus Cave past the river on the mountain.

Steppe Horses
One of the fastest horses with reasonable stamina. They are the most balanced as they also have higher health and damage. They require 60 taming and can be found throughout Nave. One spot specifically is directly south from Morin Khur aross the river with the player made bridge where the Wisents are. The horses are just past the Wisents.

Desert Horses
The fastest horse in the game with medium or low stamina. They also have the fastest stamina regain especially when off of the horse. They require 70 taming and can only be found in the desert by Meduli. Specifically two spawns can be found south of Meduli one right before the enterance to the forest where Terrorbirds can be found and the other in a valley along the coastline past the large waterfall.

Bull Horses
The highest health horse in the game with only a slightly slower speed than Steppe horses. They require 80 taming and are the only mounts that can be ridden with plate armor (metal) (if not in yet – soon to come). They also do a large amount of damage, have high stamina, and can be found in the Risar camp on the way to Gaul Kor. Specifically, to get there, after coming through the bull tunnel heading straight over the mountain and taking a right into the camp which is marked by wooden log walls.

I marked some horse locations on the below map. Red dots are Desert horse spawns. Blue dots are some Mongrel horse spawns. Purple is the Bull horse spawn. Yellow is the spawn of the Jotun horses and the green is a spawn of Steppe horses. Gray is the spawn on some donkeys, just south of Tindrem, north of Meduli.

All taming requirements are the minimum to succeed. This is also when you are first able to gain skill from failing to tame said animal.

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