Mortal Online Vendors, Books and Currency Guide

Mortal Online Vendors, Books and Currency Guide by Sindas

This is part of a series of guides I am writing. It will be a dumbed down guide series for anyone to understand, even a Casteless “person”.

Types of Vendors

There are a few types of “vendors”. There is the merchant, who buys and sells items at their “vendor value” for other items or currency. There are Librarians, who sell (but do not buy) books. There are talking merchants, who have different “speaking options” when you talk to them, and there are specialty merchants who only buy or sell certain items in exchange for certain items rather than currency.
Check out the currency guide for a small explanation about currency in Mortal Online.

Using a Merchant

Merchants can be used like all NPCs, by facing them and hitting R. For normal merchants, a window will pop up with a selection of the items they sell. Underneath that will be the merchant side of the “trade area”, where you will see items you’ve selected that you want to purchase. On the right side, you will see a window for the items you’ve selected to trade with the merchant.
To select an item from the vendor window, right click it. To select a lot of that item without clicking it many times, hold down shift and then right click. Now you can type in a number, anything up to 10,000, and hit enter. To select an item in your inventory as payment, right click it. If you need to “split” a “stack” of currency or an item you wish to trade, shift+right click it. After you enter the number and hit the enter key, drop the item into your inventory in a seperate slot to finish the split.
Underneath both of the bottom sections of the window will be a number, followed by the letter “c”. This stands for cuprum. This area shows the cuprum vendor value of the items in each section. To make a trade, you must have both sides equal. Your side can have a greater value than the vendor side, but if you do this you will be losing money and prompted if you wish to continue the transaction or not.

Using a Librarian

Librarians are used like all vendors. After opening up the library window you will see a list of books. You can search for books and filter them. To buy a book, click the name and then hit “Buy Book” at the bottom right side of the window. Librarians only take silver. They will not accept gold or cuprum. Librarians do not buy anything, even the books they sell, so be careful when purchasing books. Books have no vendor value, but some may fetch a decent price from other players.

Using a Talking Merchant

Talking merchants are used similar to other vendors. After opening the window, you will see some text from the vendor and be listed with options on how to respond. Depending on the vendor it may or may not be obvious which buttons to choose if you want to begin trading with them. These vendors work just like normal merchants once the vendor window is open, but most talking merchants are also specialty merchants.

Using a Specialty Merchant

A specialty merchant works like a normal merchant. These vendors will only trade for specific currency. For example, Sebastion the Meek at the Jungle Camp will only accept Cuprite as payment. These vendors still use the letter “c” to show value, so you may need to do some testing to find out how much of a certain item you need. For Sebastion, 1 “cuprum” is equivalent to 1 Cuprite.

Tiny Dictionary

Vendor Value AKA Floor Price: The vendor value of an item is the price that it could be sold to at a normal vendor. Most items in Mortal Online do not have a vendor value because they cannot be sold. In some games, such as World of Warcraft, the vendor value is considered the “floor price” of an item. Meaning, as long as you buy it for the same or below the floor price, there is no risk in purchasing the item.

Books for Casteless

This is part of a series of guides I am writing. It will be a dumbed down guide series for anyone to understand, even a Casteless “person”.

What are books?

Books are used in Mortal Online as a passive leveling feature as well as a skill learning feature. When you read a book, you learn the skill taught in the book if you do not already know it, and that skill begins leveling up to level 70 no matter what your character is doing, even while logged out. You must have the prereqs of a skill to read the book of that skill.

How do I buy a book?

All towns have Librarians, except for Jungle Camp and Cave Camp. Librarians have many books, and the majority of the books you’ll need as a new player. There are other library NPCs in towns that have certain books. For example, the “Hermit” in the mountains behind Mohki sells a few books that are only sold at that NPC. When speaking to a library NPC you can search for books and use a filter to find the books you need. Click the name of the book you need in the list and click Buy Book on the bottom right. Librarians only accept silver as currency.

How do I use a book?

To use a book, right-click it. If it tells you that you do not have the required skill to read it, that means you do not have the required parent skills, or they are not high enough. If it tells you it is too simple for you, it means that it cannot teach you anything more than you already know and you just wasted money. To quit reading a book, or to see how much time is left before your character finishes reading it, click the book icon under your hotbar. When you finish reading a book, you do not get it back. If you tell your character to stop reading, you also lose the book. Books are a one-time use.

How long does it take to read a book?

The time it takes to read a book depends on the book itself, your reading skill, and your skimming skill. Some books only take an hour or two while others can take days, even with 100 reading. If your character is new and you have plenty of skill points, you should probably let your Reading skill max out to 100 to speed up your character building process. Just set the skill to negative when you need that last 100 points. The Skimming skill can also speed up reading, but to my knowledge the book that teaches it is no longer sold by any vendor in the game and can only be bought by players who still have it. It was temporarily available through the Tindremic Herald in Fabernum.

Currency for Casteless

This is part of a series of guides I am writing. It will be a dumbed down guide series for anyone to understand, even a Casteless “person”.

What is currency?
Currency ingame is used for all types of things, from trading with other players, buying and selling with vendors, and so on. Most things, such as house tax and buying books, require the use of Silver, rather than Gold or Cuprum. One known vendor only takes Cuprite as payment.*

Gold is the highest “normal” level of currency in the game. One gold is equivalent to 100 silver or 100,000 cuprum. Gold can be stacked like all other items, a full stack being 10,000 (10k).

Silver is the middle level of currency in the game. One silver is*equivalent to 100 cuprum. Silver*can be stacked like all other items, a full stack being 10,000 (10k). All trades with librarians and NPCs who sell books must be done using silver. House and keep tax must be paid using silver. Due to most things requiring silver, rather than Gold, most people keep their money in stacks of silver.

Cuprum is the lowest level of currency in the game. One cuprum is the lowest amount of currency you can own, without being completely broke. Cuprum*can be stacked like all other items, a full stack being 10,000 (10k).

Cuprite is a special currency and can only be used when buying from the vendor Sebastion the Meek, also known as Sebastion the Architect. When dealing with this vendor, one Cuprite is worth one Cuprum. For example, the Tier 1 Tower from this vendor says “600c”, which means 600 Cuprite. Cuprite is more commonly known as “red gems”, and that is what Sebastion calls them as well.

The Rubar is a special currency. It appears to have been removed from the game. Rubars could be sold to vendors for 10 gold each, and were dropped by the Risar Chieftain in the Risar Dungeon.

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