Marvel Avengers Alliance Dormammu Strategy Guide

Marvel Avengers Alliance Dormammu Strategy Guide by NitroRE3

I found this really difficult to beat so I’ve ideated a strategy

Dormammu is accompanied with 6 Mindless One (They’re not too difficult but paired together they’re really a headache).
The Mindless One have an ability called “Abyssal Of Stare” or something like that, it causes a debuff that take more or less the half of one of our party members in the next turn they get so you’d be happy to have at hand Detoxifiers, Liquid Fire or Flame Suppressant (any of them give you resistance against the debuff)

Considering we are obliged to have Dr. Strange in our party we should equip our Agent with a Blaster Suit and the second member should be a Bruiser with an “Attack-All” ability (I do recomend WWII Captain America since he always have the first turn)

Our Agent should be equiped with Magnetic Field Generator (if possible) and Golden Screaming Eagle… (The Doombringer won’t be wasted, mainly against dormamu if you get the enough turns xD)

The first wave comes with 2 Mindless One, if you have CA use “Shield Throw” and the MO will turn Bruisers… The next turn you get, use one of the items mentioned before, and then give them everything you got, it shouldn’t take too long… If you don’t have CA but you have another Bruiser, start using the item first and some other buffer until you get the turn with the Bruiser

The second wave is almost the same, but try to recover SP and HP as much as you can….

Now this is it… You should really try to take out Dormammu first, but you can concentrate in the MO if you like… Dormammu’s really hard and he can take your buffs away, change classes and increase his evasion for 2 turns (and if you are very unlucky he’s able to dispose of Strange in two turns), so debuffing him is our best bet whether we have enough turns.

P/D: Good luck is appreciated and the use of a large amount of items is expected xD

(I’ve just made fun of dormammu with the doombringer xD I made my agent reach lvl. 30 of “Full of Doom” buff and then killed everyone with more than 100.000 hp…. made me loss “Endurance” bonus but got “One Shot” and “Overkill” bonus)

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