Marvel Avengers Alliance FAQ

Marvel Avengers Alliance FAQ by Ecruos_Nepo

Q:Why are Shield Points needed so much?
A:This a newbie question: Shield points are only a problem when you are new but once your level goes up you will start hating them. Ask your high level friends.

Q:If I buy the hero needed in the premium mission, does that unlock the premium mission?

Q:What is so special with premium missions?
A:There are good items that are obtainable only in the premium missions.
They are also essential for Chapter Mastery.
The enemies in the premium depends on the level of the agent.

Q:What are the best ways to farm command points?
A:Every time you defeat a Mission or Epic Boss you will have a chance to get 1, 3, 5 or 10 Command Points.
Getting a 5 star mastery per Mission will give you 5 Command Points.
Critical Hit is a good way to get extra Command Points.
Remote Ops gives Command Points once in a while.

Q:How to unlock Epic Boss?
A:You need to fight all the battles and deploy who are needed to be deployed. The Mission Boss is not essential for the Epic Boss to Appear.

Q:I cannot unlock Chapter 7. Why?
A:As of now. Chapter 7 is not yet available.

Q:If I put ISO-8 in my uniform, is it permanently stuck there?
A:It is permanently stuck there unless you change it. ISO-8 in Uniform is replaceable.

Q:Are items I put as PVP Bonus replaceable?
A:Yes. But you cannot get the old items back.

Q:What the best things to research when starting out? Are there things not worth research?
A:Research what you think is important. Duh!!!! What am I talking about?! Depends on you. There are players that research for consumable items. All of them research for ISO-8 and those cool weapons. There are players there that research for PVP Bonus. Ex Like PEW Raze with 431 ATK and 216 DEF

Q:What is an Epic Boss?
A:An Epic Boss is a boss that appears when conditions are met. They are more difficult than Mission and Mini bosses. As of Chapter 6 there are 5 Epic Bosses reported(1 in each chapter except Chapter 1)

Q:What the benefits/rewards for participating in PvP?
A:5XP. Some random but useful consumable items from critical hits.
Fame and Glory
You will also gain many enemies..

Q:How often can you get Distress Calls and bonuses from visiting friend’s cities? Is it once a day, once a week, or is it a one time deal?
A:Once a day.

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