Maestia How to Get a Mount Guide

Maestia How to Get a Mount Guide by Zenfurya

Get a mount by doing quests

Level 10 Mount – Blood Fang & Blacksoul

When you are level 10 you get the quest “The four elements” by talking to (Auction House) Neper or (Auction House) Herdeu in Superion.
Talk to the NPC and recieve the quest.

Superion Guardian Quest “The four elements”


Temple Knight Quest “The four elements”


Now you need to talk to your faction Captain Bartholomew or Gabernet. Finish the quest and recieve a new quest. You will get a scroll to warp to Pectus in your inventory. Open your inventory and use the scroll.


Now you are in Pectus. Find your way to the garrison and talk to (General Goods) Eirene
Finish your quest and you will receive your Mount in your inventory.

  • Blacksoul for Superion Guardians
  • Blood Fang for Temple Knights


Level 70 Mount – Sky Horn & Holystar

When you are level 70 you get the quest “Like a clear blue sky” for TK or “Together with the Sacred light” for SG.

After killing the last boss “Banemaster Deodor” in the instance Lake of Hope you get an item (Christal of Hope) to finish your quest by talking to your faction Captain Bartholomew or Gabernet. He will give you your fast mount!

Buy a mount with gold

You also can buy a mount in General Goods.

  • Blood Fang & Blacksoul in Pectus (General Goods) Eirene
  • Sky Horn & Holystar in Tenebra (General Goods) Della


Buy a mount with orbs

You can buy premium mounts in the shop.


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