Maestia Warrior 2H Sword Stat Build Guide

Maestia Warrior Two Handed Sword Stat Build Guide by ArcMage

First and foremost, I would like to remind you that this is just a pure recommendation and not a must.

Whatever you decide should be sorely your own opinion and I have no responsibility on the result of your character.

This is for a DPS warrior (Two-handed Sword)

(Type) @Uses %Stat#Number

(Critical) PvE STR 3 AGI 2


(Crit + Party) Instant DungeonSTR 4 AGI 1

(DPS + Party) Inst. Dungeon STR 4 VIT 1

(Crit) Inst. Dungeon STR 2 AGI 2 VIT 1

(DPS) Inst. Dungeon STR 2 VIT 3

Personally, I believe there isn’t any stats that “perfectly” fit both the PvE and the dungeon runs. If there was, I would definitely go with it and have no problem thinking whatever stats I would choose.


In my korean-version experience, I recommend STR 1 AGI 1 VIT 3 for the “tank” warrior (sword and shield)

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